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Units indexed by Code: H

Other codes

  • HED5031 Higher education project: Design and literature review
  • HED5041 Research project development and implementation
  • HED5043 Contemporary issues in business education
  • HED5044 Reflection and practice in business education
  • HED5051 Learning and teaching in higher education in South East Asia
  • HED5052 Contemporary issues in higher education in South East Asia
  • HPE5001 Teaching and learning in health professional education
  • HPE5002 Clinical teaching
  • HPE5003 Assessment in health professional education
  • HPE5004 Course design and educational change management
  • HPE5011 Educational research methods for the health professions
  • HPE5012 Simulation in health professional education and assessment
  • HPE5013 Independent project in health professional education
  • HPE5014 Applied simulation
  • HPE5015 Contemporary research and innovations in health professional education
  • HSC1100 Introduction to research and evidence
  • HSC1112 Global health: Opportunities and challenges
  • HSC1200 Introduction to public health
  • HSC1300 Human health and disease
  • HSC1400 The Australian healthcare system
  • HSC2022 Culture, society and health
  • HSC2051 Health program planning
  • HSC2062 Communicating health
  • HSC2092 Community development and partnership
  • HSC2100 Emerging challenges in health
  • HSC2101 Health promotion: Global and local
  • HSC2102 Introduction to clinical research
  • HSC2111 Treatments and technologies
  • HSC2141 Analysing patterns of health and disease
  • HSC2142 Research methods in the health sciences
  • HSC2200 Health and the human lifespan
  • HSC2300 Health promotion and disease prevention
  • HSC3001 Health, law and ethics
  • HSC3002 Health for all in a global world
  • HSC3011 Contemporary health challenges
  • HSC3041 Disease prevention and control
  • HSC3052 Health promotion in community and organisational settings
  • HSC3061 Health program evaluation
  • HSC3072 Health policy and politics
  • HSC3082 Health promotion practicum
  • HSC3102 Environmental determinants of health and disease
  • HSC3131 Quantitative research design and methodology
  • HSC3132 Action in public health research
  • HSC4001 Health science research project 1
  • HSC4002 Health science research project 2
  • HSC4011 Advanced studies in contemporary and global health research
  • HSC5002 Foundations of health promotion and program planning
  • HSC5022 Evaluating public health programs
  • HUP3011 Human pathology 1: Understanding disease processes
  • HUP3022 Human pathology 2: Pathology of human diseases
  • HUP3810 Principles of pathology 1
  • HUP3820 Principles of pathology 2
  • HUP3990 Human pathology in action research project