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Units indexed by Area of study: Ethnomusicology and musicology

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Ethnomusicology and musicology

  • APG4789 Research methods in music
  • ATS1044 Performance 1
  • ATS1045 Performance 2
  • ATS1046 Composition 1
  • ATS1047 Composition 2
  • ATS1048 Creative music technology 1
  • ATS1049 Creative music technology 2
  • ATS1343 Popular music in global perspective
  • ATS1345 Music and history
  • ATS1346 Music and culture
  • ATS1347 Music ensemble 1
  • ATS1348 Music ensemble 2
  • ATS1899 Music theory and ear training 1
  • ATS1900 Music theory and ear training 2
  • ATS2060 The art of teaching music performance
  • ATS2159 Recording and computer music production
  • ATS2331 Music - Overseas study program 1
  • ATS2332 Music - Overseas study program 2
  • ATS2333 Jazz history
  • ATS2687 The ethnomusicology of improvisation
  • ATS2799 Audio culture: From Cage to Gaga
  • ATS2800 Music ensemble 3
  • ATS2801 Music ensemble 4
  • ATS2804 From the erotic to the exotic: Music in the nineteenth century
  • ATS2805 Music, identity and place
  • ATS2900 Writing about music: Headlines and hashtags
  • ATS2901 Music theory and ear training 3
  • ATS2902 Music theory and ear training 4
  • ATS3021 Chamber Music 1
  • ATS3022 Chamber Music 2
  • ATS3061 Music in Australia
  • ATS3094 The music business: How to be successful in the music industry
  • ATS3144 Music research in the digital age
  • ATS3153 Music research project
  • ATS3331 Music - Overseas study program 1
  • ATS3332 Music - Overseas study program 2
  • ATS3819 Orchestration
  • ATS3820 Conducting
  • ATS3821 From critical theory to creating new musical work
  • ATS3823 Improvising musical traditions of South Asia
  • ATS3824 Popular music and society
  • ATS3825 Western art music in the 20th and 21st century
  • ATS3828 Film music
  • ATS3829 East Asia and its music: Silk road histories and popular contexts
  • ATS3899 Jazz arranging: Contemporary arranging techniques for small groups to large ensembles
  • ATS3900 Jazz composition: From Tin Pan Alley to today
  • ATS3926 Gongs, punks and shadow plays
  • ATS4451 Music honours thesis A
  • ATS4452 Music honours thesis B
  • ATS4834 Music honours project