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Monash University

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business and Commerce

Course code: 1807 ~ Course abbreviation: BA/BBusCom ~ Total points required:192 ~ 4 years full-time, 8 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Business and Economics

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Gippsland, Peninsula)

Off-campus (Gippsland)

Course description

This double-degree course is designed to provide maximum flexibility and to allow depth and breadth in the study of the major business, commerce and humanities discipline areas. Its structure provides the capacity to tailor applications and focus in different contexts and different environments while ensuring knowledge of the theory, principles and core elements in the relevant discipline areas.

Course objectives

Refer to both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business and Commerce single degree entries.

Course structure

The course structure has four main components:

  • a set of core units which provide an introduction to the key areas of business study;
  • a major from the Faculty of Business and Economics. This major must be selected from majors available on your campus of enrolment and all units taken as part of this major must be from your campus of enrolment;
  • an Arts major in a discipline of your choice;
  • an Arts minor in a discipline of your choice.

Course requirements

The degree requires completion of 32 units (192 points) over a maximum of 10 years as follows:

(a) 16 units (96 points) from the Faculty of Business and Economics in the Bachelor of Business and Commerce at your campus of enrolment as follows*:

(i) six compulsory common core units (36 points)

(ii) a major of eight units (48 points)

  • the major must come from the approved list of majors below
  • at least two units (12 points) must be completed at each of second and third-year levels

(iii) additional units from the faculty in the Bachelor of Business and Commerce at your campus of enrolment to reach the required minimum of 16 units

(b) 16 units (96 points) from the Faculty of Arts as follows:

(i) a major of eight units (48 points)

(ii) a minor of four units (24 points)

(iii) an additional first-year sequence of two units (12 points) in an Arts discipline

(iv) any two units (12 points) taken from the Faculty of Arts.

Additional degree requirements:

  • a maximum of 14 first-year level units (84 points)
  • a minimum of six units (36 points) at each of second and third-year-level units.
  • in addition to specific unit prerequisites, third-year level units require the successful completion of two second-year level units and second-year level units require the successful completion of four first-year level units

    * If you have failed a unit and this is having an adverse effect on your ability to meet the standard progression, contact the faculty office on your campus for advice.

Units required for specified majors

Key to campus of offering:

  • G (Gippsland)
  • OCL (Off campus learning)
  • P (Peninsula)

(Gippsland, OCL, Peninsula)

The following eight units:

  • AFW1002 Introductory accounting B
  • AFW2020 Cost information for decision making
  • AFW2491 Company reporting
  • AFW2631 Financial management
  • AFW2851 Accounting information systems and financial modelling
  • AFW3021 Performance measurement and control
  • AFW3040 Accounting theory
  • AFW3050 Financial accounting issues

*Additional units required for professional accreditation:

  • BTW2220 Corporations law and trust
  • ECW1102 Introductory macroeconomics
Business law

(OCL only)

The following eight units:


(Gippsland, OCL)

(a) the following four units:

(b) four of the following units:

  • ECW2141 Labour economics (G)
  • ECW3121 Economics of international trade and finance (G, OCL)
  • ECW3143 Economics of money and banking (G, OCL)
  • ECW3830 Competition and regulation (G, OCL)
  • ECX2123 Economics of innovation and high technology (G, OCL)
Human resource management

(Gippsland, OCL, Peninsula)

(a) the following two units:

(b) six of the following units:

  • BTW3241 Employment law (G, OCL, P)
  • ECW2141 Labour economics (G, OCL)
  • MGW2230 Organisational behaviour (G, OCL, P)
  • MGW2322 Recruitment and selection (G, OCL, P)
  • MGW2323 Employment relations (G, OCL, P)
  • MGW3130 Organisational change and development (G, OCL, P)
  • MGW3430 International human resource management (G, OCL, P)
International business

(Peninsula only)

The following eight units:

  • AFW2341 International financial management
  • BTW3201 International trade law
  • ECW2721 Trade finance and foreign exchange
  • ECW3301 Case studies in international trade
  • MGW2351 International business
  • MGW3121 International business strategy
  • MKW3444 International marketing
  • MGW3681 International management

(Gippsland, OCL, Peninsula)

(a) the following six units:

  • MGW1010 Introduction to management
  • MGW1100 Managerial communication
  • MGW2230 Organisational behaviour
  • MGW2430 Human resource management
  • MGW3130 Organisational change and development
  • MGW3401 Strategic management

(b) two of the following units:

  • MGW2322 Recruitment and selection (G, OCL, P)
  • MGW2323 Employment relations (G, OCL, P)
  • MGW2351 International business (G, OCL, P)
  • MGW2511 Quality management (P)
  • MGW3352 Service operations management (G, OCL)
  • MGW3681 International management (G, OCL, P)

(Gippsland, OCL, Peninsula)

(a) the following seven units:

  • MKW1120 Marketing theory and practice
  • MKW2402 Consumer behaviour
  • MKW2420 Marketing research methods
  • MKW2460 Integrated marketing communication
  • MKW3121 Marketing planning and implementation
  • MKW3440 Marketing strategy
  • MKW3444 International marketing

(b) one further unit from units offered by the Department of Marketing on your home campus, or BTW3281 Marketing law

Sport management

(Peninsula only)

(a) the following seven units:

  • AUS1070 Sport and society in Australia
  • AUS3015 A world of sport: culture, communities and communication
  • ECW2450 Sports economics
  • ECW2451 The business of sport
  • MGW3100 Festival and events management
  • MKW2402 Consumer behaviour
  • MKX3200 Sport marketing and sponsorship

(b) one of the following units:

Professional recognition

This degree is recognised by the following legal entities:

  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Marketing Institute
  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • CPA Australia
  • Tax Agents' Board
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Professional recognition may be dependent upon work experience requirements and the correct choice of units.

Contact details

Gippsland: Telephone +61 3 9902 6380 or +61 3 5122 6380; Email:

Peninsula: Telephone +61 3 9904 4314; Email:

Course coordinator

Professor Valerie Clulow