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Units indexed by Code: N

  • NSG5214 Developing a therapeutic alliance
  • NSG6303 Professional issues in hospice and palliative care
  • NUR1101 Nursing practice 1: Health perspectives over the lifespan
  • NUR1102 Nursing practice 2: Concepts and practice of nursing care
  • NUR1201 Introduction to professional studies
  • NUR1202 Legal issues and concepts
  • NUR1301 Science in nursing 1
  • NUR1302 Science in nursing 2
  • NUR1401 Health and human behaviour
  • NUR1441 Therapeutic dimensions in nursing
  • NUR1502 Multicultural nursing
  • NUR2103 Nursing practice 3A: Acute nursing A
  • NUR2104 Nursing practice 4A: Mental health nursing
  • NUR2113 Nursing practice 3B: Acute nursing B
  • NUR2201 Pharmacology and therapeutics
  • NUR2202 Ethical issues in nursing
  • NUR2303 Science in nursing 3
  • NUR2304 Science in nursing 4
  • NUR2401 Research in nursing practice
  • NUR3106 Nursing practice 6: Introduction to high dependency nursing
  • NUR3107 Nursing practice 7: Community nursing
  • NUR3108 Nursing practice 8: Advanced clinical practicum
  • NUR3119 Prespecialisation nursing studies
  • NUR3202 Transition to professional roles: Ethics, law and management
  • NUR3305 Science in nursing 5
  • NUR4101 Research 1
  • NUR4103 Historical inquiry in nursing
  • NUR4105 Honours research project
  • NUR4202 Research 2
  • NUR4204 Philosophical inquiry in nursing
  • NUR4206 Honours research project
  • NUR4501 Acute care clinical skills
  • NUR4702 High acuity care 2: Alterations in oxygenation, regulation and ELI
  • NUR4703 Advanced health assessment
  • NUR4901 Acute cardiorespiratory management
  • NUR4902 Emergency 1: Illness
  • NUR4903 Emergency 2: Trauma
  • NUR4904 Emergency 3: Special populations
  • NUR4911 Critical care 1: Advanced ventilation and haemodynamic monitoring
  • NUR4912 Critical care 2: General and special populations
  • NUR4921 Cardiac care 1: Advanced cardiovascular nursing
  • NUR5215 Foundations of mental health nursing
  • NUR6801 Physiology of ageing
  • NUR6802 Critical social gerontology
  • NUR6805 Aged care policy management and practice
  • NUR6806 Caring for the confused older person
  • NUR9201 Case management and care integration
  • NUR9202 Nursing informatics
  • NUR9203 Palliative care nursing practice
  • NUR9204 Education in nursing
  • NUR9601 Reproductive and sexual health for women
  • NUR9602 Well women's health nursing

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