PTY4283 - Physiotherapy 8C: Campus - 2018

24 points, SCA Band 2, 0.500 EFTSL

Undergraduate - Unit

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Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Organisational Unit

Department of Physiotherapy

Chief examiner(s)

Mr Mick Storr


Dr Sze-Ee Soh

Unit guides



  • Full year 2018 (On-campus)


PTY3051, PTY3162, PTY3262, PTY3362, PTY3462.


Must be enrolled in course 3868, 3891, M3002, M3003.


Students must submit valid preclinical documentation, as listed in the course handbook, to Administration staff by the deadline specified and communicated to students. Failure to submit these mandatory documents may result in students being unable to complete the course.


PTY4283 continues to develop the five themes upon which the four-year curriculum is based.

This 24 credit point, year long unit includes 2 on-campus sections and contains the majority of the non-clinical assessment throughout the final year of the Physiotherapy program.

It extends students' integrated knowledge and skills into specialised areas of physiotherapy practice and includes wide-ranging content such as: Indigenous Health; preparation for graduation and entry into the workforce; the role of the clinical educator; professional issues and a reflection on personal and professional development.

Unique to PTY4283 is an Interprofessional Seminar series which will take place in the final week of Semester 2, Year 4 during which students will have the opportunity to listen to presentations from multiprofessional students and will participate in peer review of these sessions.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. Collaboratively design a clinically relevant research proposal.
  2. Apply evidence-based practice in patient care.
  3. Develop and deliver a research-themed verbal presentation addressing an area of need at a clinical site.
  4. Integrate knowledge and skills to effectively assess patient needs, including selection of relevant measures of health indicators and outcomes.
  5. Critically analyse risks and adverse events associated with client assessments and interventions.
  6. Examine complexities and justify clinical decision making associated with ethical and equitable health care delivery.
  7. Demonstrate and comply with standards of professional behaviour and communication with colleagues, clients, staff, and other stakeholders.
  8. Formulate culturally sensitive health professional-patient interactions, including ways of respectfully working with Indigenous healing and spiritual practitioners.
  9. Identify protocols and processes for referrals and for utilising support from Aboriginal Health Workers, other Indigenous health professionals, and other support resources.
  10. Detail and apply critical pre-employment information and processes relative to the entry-level graduate.
  11. Review roles and skills required for effective supervision and mentoring and identify personal strengths and learning challenges whilst on clinical placements.
  12. Apply fundamentals of evidence-based practice in order to effectively analyse and plan appropriate patient interactions, including patient-centred goal development, and the selection of appropriate interventions.
  13. Deliver a verbal presentation and provide constructive peer feedback in an inter-professional seminar setting.
  14. Meet entry level requirements for registration to practice as a Physiotherapist.



  • Research project proposal (3,000 words for 1 student; 3,500 words for 2 students; 4,000 words for 3 students; 4,500 words for 4 students) (20%)
  • Research skills seminar (10-15 minutes) (5%)
  • Research project poster (1000 words) (20%)
  • Critical analysis (3500 words) (20%)
  • Research project oral presentation (10-15 minutes) (5%)
  • Written examination (3 hours) (30%)

Formative / Hurdle:

  • Professional Conduct
  • Achieve a Pass Grade in all Summative Tasks
  • Attendance and Participation
  • Conference Abstract (300 words)

Workload requirements

PTY4283 comprises three campus based weeks and additional self directed learning time. On campus there will be approximately 17 hours per week contact teaching. A campus based learning week will consist of approximately 5-8 hours of lectures; 4 hours of CBL tutorials; and 4-6 hours of physiotherapy practical sessions, master classes and tutorials. For every formal teaching contact hour, students are expected to complete a minimum 2.5 additional hours self directed learning related to content, tasks and further reading as described in the PTY4283 Unit Guide. Other written assessment tasks will be completed by students in self directed learning time.

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