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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Department of Social Work

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  • SWK1011 Introduction to human services practice
  • SWK2110 Social welfare and the law
  • SWK2140 Social welfare and practice with communities
  • SWK3180 Supervised professional practice 1
  • SWK3220 Social work in a globalised world
  • SWK3230 Social work research
  • SWK3310 Social welfare practice and research
  • SWK3400 Critical social work 1: Individuals and families (context and practice)
  • SWK3410 Critical social work 2: Community work, context and practice
  • SWK3440 Leadership in social work and human services
  • SWK4001 Honours research methods
  • SWK4002 Honours project seminar
  • SWK4003 Social work honours dissertation
  • SWK4030 Human rights, legal and ethics knowledge for social work practice
  • SWK4031 Working with complexity
  • SWK4032 Working with complexity: Honours
  • SWK4400 Critical social work 3: Group work and community engagement (context and practice)
  • SWK4401 Critical social work 4: Individual, health and society (context and practice)
  • SWK4450 Social policy and social justice
  • SWK4451 Social policy and social justice: Honours
  • SWK4560 Supervised professional practice 2
  • SWM5100 Social work: Leading sustainable change
  • SWM5101 Human rights, law and ethics contexts for social work practice
  • SWM5102 Critical social work 1: Frameworks for practice with children and families
  • SWM5103 Supervised professional practice 1
  • SWM5104 Critical social work 2: Frameworks for practice in health and mental health
  • SWM5105 Social work practice and research
  • SWM5106 Critical social work 3: Community engagement group project
  • SWM5108 Supervised professional practice 2
  • SWM5109 Critical social work 4: Social policy, social change and community practice
  • SWM5110 Advances in direct social work practice
  • SWM5111 Leadership in social work and human services
  • SWM5120 Criminology and social work
  • SWM5160 The child in society: Promoting children's wellbeing and responding to child maltreatment
  • SWM5170 Applied research study
  • SWM5180 Management of human resources in the social services
  • SWM5190 Social work research
  • SWM5200 Health and social work
  • SWM5220 Longevity and social work
  • SWM5241 Mental health practice
  • SWM5250 Clinical supervision: Becoming a professional developer
  • SWM5260 Gender, climate change and social sustainability