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Units indexed by Area of study: Biomedical science

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Biomedical science

  • BMS1011 Biomedical chemistry
  • BMS1021 Cells, tissues and organisms
  • BMS1031 Medical biophysics
  • BMS1042 Public health and preventive medicine
  • BMS1052 Human neurobiology
  • BMS1062 Molecular biology
  • BMS2011 Structure of the human body: An evolutionary and functional perspective
  • BMS2021 Human molecular cell biology
  • BMS2031 Body systems
  • BMS2042 Human genetics
  • BMS2052 Microbes in health and disease
  • BMS2062 Introduction to bioinformatics
  • BMS3021 Molecular medicine and biotechnology
  • BMS3052 Biomedical basis and epidemiology of human disease
  • BMS3930 Action in biomedical science major research project
  • BMS3990 Action in biomedical science minor research project
  • BMS4100 Biomedical science research project
  • BMS4200 Advanced studies in biomedical science
  • BMS5001 Introduction to research and research methodology
  • BMS5002 Research skills and techniques
  • BMS5003 Infectious diseases and population health
  • BMS5004 Advanced neuroscience
  • BMS5006 Cardiovascular biology and disease
  • BMS5100 Research Project in Biomedical Sciences
  • BMS5101 Research Project in Biomedical Sciences (Part-time)
  • BMS5200 Advanced Studies in Biomedical Sciences
  • BMS5201 Advanced Studies in Biomedical Sciences (Part-time)