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Students who commenced study in 2015 should refer to this area of study entry for direction on the requirements; to check which units are currently available for enrolment, refer to the unit indexes in the the current edition of the Handbook. If you have any queries contact the managing faculty for your area of study.

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  • Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.


Units in general education studies cover a wide variety of topics and contexts in the field of education. They are available to students in the following two courses

Master of Education

The units below comprise the enhanced professional learning options for students taking a general stream in the Master of Education. A general stream allows students to advance their professional interests across a broad range of unit choices. It allows students to explore relationships between research and practice across contexts of choice, such as school, vocational, tertiary, workplace and community. Students select units of interest from across the master's specialisations and, in this way construct a generalist course that addresses specific professional and personal interests.

Note: The Master of Education can be also be completed with a specialisation. Only students who complete the Master of Education with enhanced professional learning units studied in a specialisation will receive an award noting the relevant specialisation. For information about the specialisations available in this course refer to 'Related areas of study' below.

Master of Teaching

Students have the option to choose one of the units below to deepen or extend understanding and skills in relation to teaching, schools as workplaces and the wider communities in which learners are situated.


In the generalist stream for this course students must complete two or three enhanced professional learning units from the following (24 or 36 points):

D6002 Master of Education

  • EDF5635 Leading capable organisations*
  • EDF5636 Leading organisational decision making*
  • EDF5637 Inner leadership: Understanding self and others*
  • EDF5645 Educating the gifted
  • EDF5646 Talent development and diversity
  • EDF5647 Technology and education key issues and debates
  • EDF5648 Instructional design: Harnessing digital technologies for learning
  • EDF5649 Language and literacies across educational contexts
  • EDF5650 Literacy leadership in schools, workplaces and communities
  • EDF5651 Developing expertise in mathematics education
  • EDF5653 Research perspectives in music education*
  • EDF5654 Teaching music: Theory and practice
  • EDF5655 Expertise in teaching
  • EDF5657 Indigenous perspectives in professional practice
  • EDF5658 Young people: Culture, communities and education
  • EDF5659 Building partnerships with families and communities*
  • EDF5661 Designing learning for adults
  • EDF5662 Leading local, rural and regional learning and participation
  • EDF5663 Education and globalisation in the Asian century
  • EDF5664 Learning through participation
  • EDF5665 Environmental education, design and learning for sustainability
  • EDF5666 Education, development and ecological sustainability
  • EDF5674 Engaging with practices of contemporary science
  • EDF5810 VCAL and VET at school

D6001 Master of Teaching

In this course students may select one of the units above (except those marked with an asterisk (*) or from the following:

  • EDF5632 Understanding inclusion in learning communities
  • EDF5640 Language, culture and curriculum
  • EDF5641 Pedagogy and assessment in TESOL
  • EDF5642 Bilingualism and content-based programs
  • EDF5656 Practicing inclusion
  • EDF5667 Positive behaviour support
  • EDF5691 Professional project
  • EDF5692 Professional practice in special and inclusive education
  • EDF5693 Using and evaluating research evidence
  • EDF5694 Taking a stand in education debates
  • EDF5695 Self-study as professional inquiry
  • EDF5814 Creative research approaches
  • EDF5904 Children, families, communities

Refer to the course entries for full course requirements.

Relevant courses

  • D6002 Master of Education
  • D6001 Master of Teaching