Monash Transition Program - 2018

Undergraduate - Course

Commencement year

This course entry applies to students commencing this course in 2018 and should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Arts.

Other commencement years for this course: 2017

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Course type

Enabling course

Standard duration

1 year FT

Students have a maximum of two years to complete this course.

Mode and location

On-campus (Clayton)


  • This course is not available to international students.


The Monash Transition Program is designed to support Indigenous Australians to make a successful transition to university study. It will help you develop the academic skills for success at university. Successful completion leads to a range of Monash University bachelor courses including in arts, business, information technology, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, nursing and health sciences, and science.

The Monash Transition Program has two parts:

  • In Part 1 you will develop your academic writing and mathematics skills and undertake a unit relevant to your destination course of choice.
  • In Part 2 you will gain required knowledge and preparation in more advanced mathematics and/or sciences where these are required for your course of choice.

Depending on your educational background and the requirements of your destination course of choice, you may need to complete both Part 1 and Part 2, or only one which may be Part 1 or Part 2. Advisors will work with you to develop an individual plan to meet your goals.


Upon successful completion of this program it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the requirements and expectations of university study at a bachelor level
  2. demonstrate confidence in their intellectual abilities and have an appreciation for study and scholarship
  3. demonstrate they are proficient tertiary learners through the explicit development of cognitive, analytical, problem-solving, oral and writing skills.


The first semester (Part 1) of the Monash Transition Program consists of two academic skills units and one university discipline-based unit.

The second semester (Part 2) consists of three units, including up to two units to address prerequisite studies and either one or two university units.

In both parts, your study will be structured to provide both foundation knowledge and specialist discipline knowledge.

A. Foundation knowledge

In part 1, the foundation units will develop your skills to study at university, including academic writing and mathematics.

In part 2, further foundation units will enable you to gain required knowledge in mathematics or sciences for entry to your course of choice.

B. Specialist discipline knowledge

In both Parts 1 and 2, the specialist discipline knowledge unit will give you the opportunity to select a unit (usually a level one unit) for your chosen destination degree course. Students can select from a pre-approved list of units or choose this unit in consultation with the course leader.


Part 1

Students complete:

  • MCD1110 Data Analysis
  • MCD6010 Academic Writing
  • one level 1 university unit chosen from a recommended list or in consultation with the faculty

Part 2

Students must complete a total of three units:

a. At least one of the following units:

  • MCD1230 Applied Math
  • MCD4410 Biology 1
  • MCD4390 Chemistry 1
  • MCD1200 Physics A

b. At least one level 1 university unit chosen from the recommended list for your destination course or in consultation with the destination faculty

c. One Monash College unit, or a level 1 university unit selected in consultation with the destination faculty

Progression to further studies

Upon successful completion of this program, you may be eligible for direct admission into one of the following destination degree courses, and selected double degree courses, provided that you meet the guaranteed Monash Transition Program entry score for that course and any additional entry requirements including prerequisites.

  • A2000 Bachelor of Arts
  • A2002 Bachelor of Global Studies
  • A2001 Bachelor of Media Communication
  • B2000 Bachelor of Business
  • B2003 Bachelor of Business Specialist
  • B2007 Bachelor of Business Administration
  • B2001 Bachelor of Commerce
  • B2004 Bachelor of Commerce Specialist
  • D3001 Bachelor of Education (Honours)
  • C2001 Bachelor of Computer Science
  • C2000 Bachelor of Information Technology
  • M2003 Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • M6011 Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Surgery
  • M2006 Bachelor of Nursing
  • M2001 Bachelor of Nutrition Science
  • M2002 Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • M3001 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
  • M3002 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
  • M3006 Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours)
  • P2001 Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science
  • P3001 Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)
  • S2000 Bachelor of Science
  • S3001 Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours)