- 2018



Commencement year

Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.

Managing faculty

Faculty of Engineering

Offered by

Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

Contact details

EngineeringEngineering (http://www.monash.edu/engineering/about-us/contact-us)



This specialisation allows you to develop an advanced knowledge in signal processing, communications, digital systems and electronics. The specialisation has been designed around the common theme of embedded systems; special purpose computing systems designed for specific applications found in consumer electronics, transportation systems, medical equipment and sensor networks. The specialisation mixes theory and practice and contains a significant hands-on learning in laboratories and team-based design projects. The specialisation is suitable for new graduates, professionals and managers who are keen to upgrade their existing design and management skills as well as to develop advanced theoretical and applied knowledge in the area of electrical engineering.


Part C. Technical elective units (24 points)

Students complete four technical elective units from the following:

Note: Not all units will be available each year.

  • ECE4012Not offered in 2018 Applied digital signal processing
  • ECE4023Not offered in 2018 Radio frequency electronics
  • ECE4024Not offered in 2018 Wireless communications
  • ECE4032 Advanced control
  • ECE4033Not offered in 2018 Industrial instrumentation and measurement technologies
  • ECE4042 Communications theory
  • ECE4043 Optical communications
  • ECE4044Not offered in 2018 Telecommunications protocols
  • ECE4045 Network performance
  • ECE4053 Electrical energy - generation and supply
  • ECE4054Not offered in 2018 Electrical energy - power converters and motor control
  • ECE4055 Electrical energy - power electronic applications
  • ECE4058 Electrical energy - high voltage engineering
  • ECE4063 Large scale digital design
  • ECE4064Not offered in 2018 Electronic test technology
  • ECE4074Not offered in 2018 Advanced computer architecture
  • ECE4075 Real time embedded systems
  • ECE4076Not offered in 2018 Computer vision
  • ECE4077Not offered in 2018 Advanced computing techniques
  • ECE4078 Intelligent robotics
  • ECE4081 Medical instrumentation
  • ECE4084Not offered in 2018 Biomechanics of human musculoskeletal systems
  • ECE4086 Medical imaging technology
  • ECE4087Not offered in 2018 Medical technology innovation
  • ECE4112 Signal processing
  • ECE4122 Advanced electromagnetics
  • ECE4142 Communications systems
  • ECE4162 Electronic systems design
  • ECE4174 Computer vision and robotics
  • ECE4175 Advanced digital systems
  • ECE4181 Biomedical engineering
  • ECE4808 Organic electronics and micro devices
  • ECE4809 Solid state lighting
  • ENG4700 Engineering technology for biomedical imaging and sensing

Part D. Discipline core units (24 points)

Students complete four discipline core units:

Relevant courses

Successful completion of this postgraduate specialisation can be counted towards meeting the requirements for the following single degree:

  • E6001 Master of Advanced Engineering

Students in other degrees are not eligible to complete this specialisation.