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Units indexed by Area of study: Psychology

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Psychology

  • BNS4200 Behavioural neuroscience honours: Research design and analysis
  • CPS5002 Normal developmental observation
  • CPS5003 Psychoanalytic and developmental theories 2
  • CPS5005 Principles of child psychotherapy
  • CPS5008 Principles of working with parents
  • PMH1011 Mental health in the community
  • PSY1011 Psychology 1A
  • PSY1022 Psychology 1B
  • PSY2031 Developmental and biological psychology
  • PSY2042 Personality and social psychology
  • PSY2051 Research design and analysis
  • PSY2061 Biological psychology
  • PSY2071 Developmental psychology
  • PSY2112 Organisational psychology
  • PSY3032 Abnormal psychology
  • PSY3041 Psychological testing, theories of ability and ethics
  • PSY3051 Perception and cognitive psychology
  • PSY3062 Research methods and theory
  • PSY3120 Introduction to counselling
  • PSY3130 Health psychology
  • PSY3150 Contemporary social psychology
  • PSY3180 Human neuropsychology: Developmental and neurodegenerative disorders
  • PSY3190 Addiction studies
  • PSY3250 Positive psychology
  • PSY3270 Neuroscience of cognition and behaviour
  • PSY3280 The neuronal basis of consciousness
  • PSY3310 Introduction to computational neuroscience
  • PSY3320 Sleep and circadian rhythms
  • PSY4032 Abnormal psychology
  • PSY4041 Psychological testing and ethics
  • PSY4051 Research design and analysis
  • PSY4062 Research methods and theory
  • PSY4081 Perception and cognition
  • PSY4100 Psychology honours: Research project
  • PSY4110 Psychology in society
  • PSY4111 Psychology 1A
  • PSY4120 Mental health and illness
  • PSY4122 Psychology 1B
  • PSY4130 Developmental psychology and clinical neuroscience
  • PSY4131 Developmental and biological psychology
  • PSY4140 Introduction to counselling
  • PSY4151 Personality and social psychology
  • PSY4170 Neuroscience of cognition and behaviour
  • PSY4210 Statistics and research design for professional psychology
  • PSY4220 Ethical and professional issues in psychology
  • PSY4270 Psychological assessment and intervention
  • PSY4401 Psychology research project: Statistics and research design for professional psychology
  • PSY4402 Psychology research project: Literature review
  • PSY4405 Ethical and professional issues in psychology
  • PSY4406 Psychological assessment and intervention
  • PSY4407 Psychology in industry: Pathways to employment
  • PSY5100 Research Project in Psychology
  • PSY5101 Research Project in Psychology (Part-time)
  • PSY5200 Advanced Studies in Psychology
  • PSY5201 Advanced Studies in Psychology (Part-time)