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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to International studies

  • AMU4718 Arts honours dissertation 1
  • AMU4719 Arts honours dissertation 2
  • AMU4727 Readings in social, political and cultural theory
  • ATS1325 Contemporary worlds 1
  • ATS1326 Contemporary worlds 2
  • ATS2107 Colonial America: From puritans to revolutionaries
  • ATS2109 The commodities that changed the world: An introduction to globalisation and global history
  • ATS2378 The anthropology of international development
  • ATS2382 War and memory in the Asia Pacific: Legacies of World War II
  • ATS2387 Beyond Gallipoli: Australians in the Great War
  • ATS2394 Australia and Asia
  • ATS2395 Australia in a globalising world
  • ATS2520 Eurovisions: Europe since World War II
  • ATS2521 Conflict and culture in Europe
  • ATS2563 Global consumption
  • ATS2586 Islam: Principles, civilisations, influences
  • ATS2596 The Vietnam War
  • ATS2600 The Holocaust
  • ATS2621 Religion as culture in the Malay world
  • ATS2625 Mobile worlds: Borders, displacement and belonging
  • ATS2628 Power and poverty: International development in a globalised world
  • ATS2629 Religion and spirituality in a globalising world
  • ATS2633 Global cities: Past, present and future
  • ATS2637 The human body and the international marketplace
  • ATS2640 The ethics of global conflict
  • ATS2648 Contemporary Japan
  • ATS2872 Topics in Indian philosophy
  • ATS2941 Asia's underside: Violence, crime and protest
  • ATS3089 Social institutions and power in Asia
  • ATS3124 Everyday life in the Soviet Union
  • ATS3207 Film and society in Spain and Latin America
  • ATS3208 In the footsteps of refugees
  • ATS3248 Field methods in anthropology and international development
  • ATS3284 Final journey: Remembering the Holocaust
  • ATS3314 Seeking justice: South Africa and Rwanda
  • ATS3387 Beyond Gallipoli: Australians in the Great War
  • ATS3392 A Lonely Planet? travel, culture, power
  • ATS3394 Australia and Asia
  • ATS3525 The idea of Europe
  • ATS3580 The modern Middle East
  • ATS3623 Nationality, ethnicity and conflict
  • ATS3626 Global disasters: Catastrophe and social change
  • ATS3627 Global Cultures, media flows: creating and consuming (popular) culture
  • ATS3631 The idea of travel: Global perspectives
  • ATS3632 Post-conflict: Justice, memory, reconciliation
  • ATS3634 Indigenous peoples globally
  • ATS3636 Sacred and profane: Religion, the secular and the state
  • ATS3639 Poverty, climate change and international justice
  • ATS3652 Japan as empire: From Meiji to 1945
  • ATS3795 Global correspondent
  • ATS3908 American empire: The United States from colonies to superpower
  • ATS3951 Japanese popular culture and identity
  • ATS3952 The world of textiles
  • ATS3956 Trauma and memory in the modern world
  • ATS3972 Imagining Ibero-America: Travels, texts and transnational encounters
  • ATS4230 Arts honours thesis
  • ATS4231 Arts honours thesis A
  • ATS4232 Arts honours thesis B
  • ATS4286 Final journey: Remembering the Holocaust
  • ATS4287 War and peace: Models of conflict resolution
  • ATS4367 Placement research project for honours in international studies
  • ATS4810 Global justice: Civil and human rights after 1945