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  • PAR4200 Introduction to aeromedical and retrieval concepts
  • PAR4210 Aeromedical and retrieval professional practice
  • PAR4220 Aeromedical and retrieval clinical 1: Advanced life support/critical care
  • PAR4230 Aeromedical and retrieval coordination
  • PAR4240 Aeromedical retrieval rescue
  • PAR4250 Aeromedical and retrieval clinical 2: Intensive care
  • PAR4260 Aeromedical and retrieval project
  • PAR4270 Aeromedical and retrieval practicum
  • PAR4400 Theoretical foundations of intensive care paramedic practice
  • PAR4410 Foundations of pharmacotherapy and toxicology in emergency health
  • PAR4420 Intensive care management of cardiac conditions
  • PAR4430 Intensive care management of respiratory conditions
  • PAR4440 Intensive care management of trauma and environmental conditions
  • PAR4450 Intensive care management of paediatric and obstetric patients
  • PAR4460 Transition to clinical intensive care paramedicine
  • PAR4470 Intensive care paramedicine clinical practicum
  • PAR4480 Intensive care management of medical conditions
  • PAR4490 Extended care paramedicine 1