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Monash University

Units indexed by Title: Q

  • EDF6007 Qualitative approaches to research
  • DBA6010 Qualitative business research methods
  • MKX4070 Qualitative methods: paradigms and approaches
  • APG4681 Qualitative research strategies
  • APG5681 Qualitative research strategies
  • ATS2597 Qualitative social research
  • ATS3597 Qualitative social research
  • ETW3200 Quantitative business analysis
  • BEX5000 Quantitative business research methods
  • BEX5010 Quantitative business research methods
  • DBA6000 Quantitative business research methods
  • ETC4430 Quantitative economic policy
  • ETX5443 Quantitative economic policy
  • ETF3300 Quantitative methods for financial markets
  • ETX2011 Quantitative methods for risk analysis
  • ETX9520 Quantitative methods for risk analysis
  • AFX9510 Quantitative methods
  • CIV5303 Quantitative methods
  • ETF3600 Quantitative models for business research
  • ETF5600 Quantitative models for business research
  • MKX4080 Quantitative research methods in marketing
  • ATS2831 Quantitative social research
  • MRE5005 Quantitative techniques for asset management