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Monash University Handbook 2011

This is the official site of the Monash University Handbook for course and unit information. Anything published elsewhere that is inconsistent with information provided in this Handbook is not accurate.

The course details provided in the entries listed on this Handbook are for those students who commence their studies in 2011 - students who began their studies prior to this should consult the archived Handbook edition for the year in which they started their course. Archived handbooks are available at

More information about the handbooks.

Faculty listings (staff only)

2011 faculty, course, and areas of study information

2011 unit information

2010 unit information

Refer to the list of online archived Handbooks for 1995 - current. Handbooks prior to 1995 are available in hard copy from the University Library.

Other student resources


While the information provided in the Handbook was correct at the time of publication, Monash University reserves the right to alter procedures, fees and regulations should the need arise. Students should carefully read all official correspondence, other sources of information for students and the official University noticeboards to be aware of changes to the information in the Handbook. The inclusion in a publication of details of a course in no way creates an obligation on the part of the University to teach it in any given year, or to teach it in the manner described. The University reserves the right to discontinue or vary courses at any time without notice.

Students should always check with the relevant faculty officers when planning their courses. Some courses and units are described which may alter or may not be offered due to insufficient enrolments or changes to teaching personnel.

All information in the Handbook must be read in consultation with the relevant Handbook change register. The information in this Handbook is correct as at the date of viewing/printing.

Monash University Calendar

The most recent version of all the Acts, Statutes, Regulations and Schedules pertaining to the university may be found in the Monash University Calendar.