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Monash University Handbook 2011 Undergraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Business and Economics

Managing facultyBusiness and Economics
Abbreviated titleBCom/BBIS
CRICOS code054820F
Total credit points required192
Standard duration of study (years)4 years FT, 8 years PT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Clayton)
Admission, fee and application details
Contact details


Course coordinator

Dr Ross Booth


This double-degree program offers professional education in a range of commerce and information technology disciplines and provides students with the foundation on which further advanced commerce and information technology studies can be undertaken.


Professional recognition

This degree is recognised by the following legal entities:

  • Australian Computer Society
  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Marketing Institute
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Financial Services Institute of Australasia
  • Chartered Financial Analysts Institute
  • CPA Australia
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Professional recognition may be dependent upon work experience requirements and the correct choice of units.

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The course structure has three main components:

  • a set of core units which provide an introduction to the key areas of business
  • a major from the Faculty of Business and Economics (all units taken as part of this major must be from the student's campus of enrolment)
  • a major from the Faculty of Information Technology.


The degree requires completion of 32 units (192 points) over a maximum of 10 years as follows:

Commerce component

(a.) 16 units (96 points) from the Faculty of Business and Economics in the Bachelor of Commerce at the Clayton campus as follows:

(i.) six compulsory common core units (36 points):

  • AFC1000 Principles of accounting and finance
  • BTC1110 Business law
  • ECC1000 Principles of microeconomics
  • ETC1000 Business and economic statistics
  • MGC1010 Introduction to management
  • MKC1200 Principles of marketing

(ii.) at least two units from the following list (12 points):

  • AFC1030 Introduction to financial accounting, or AFC2140 Corporate finance
  • ECC1100 Principles of macroeconomics
  • ETC1010 Data modelling and computing
  • MGC1020 Organisations: contexts and strategies

(iii.) a major of eight units (48 points):*

  • the major must come from the approved list of majors listed under 'Areas of study'
  • at least two units (12 points) must be completed at each of second and third-year levels

*Note: Depending on the major chosen, one or more of the units in the major may have already been studied as part of the group of common core units - where this is the case, students will complete additional unit/s as detailed below.

(iv.) additional units from the faculty in the Bachelor of Commerce at the Clayton campus to reach the required minimum of 16 units

Additional Bachelor of Commerce degree requirements

  • AFC2851 Accounting information systems and financial modelling is excluded from the double degree
  • a maximum of eight first-year level units (48 points)
  • a minimum of four third-year level units (24 points) from those offered by the faculty at the Clayton campus
  • in addition to specific unit prerequisites, second-year level units require the successful completion of three first-year level units and third-year level units require the successful completion of two second-year level units.

Business Information Systems component

(b.) 16 units (96 points) from the Faculty of Information Technology as follows:

(i.) six core information technology units (36 points) as follows:

(ii.) seven core business information systems units (42 points):

  • FIT1013 IT for business
  • FIT1030 Introduction to business information systems
  • FIT2006 Business process modelling and workflow
  • FIT2013 e-Business software technologies
  • FIT2017 Computer models for business decision-making
  • FIT3003 Business intelligence and data warehousing
  • FIT3009 e-Business systems, or FIT3138 Real-time enterprise systems

(ii.) two industrial experience project units (12 points):

  • FIT3047 Industrial experience project part 1
  • FIT3048 Industrial experience project part 2

(iii.) one third-year level Bachelor of Business Information Systems elective unit (6 points) chosen from a schedule published by the Faculty of Information Technology at

Note: Double-degree students accepted into the Industry-Based Learning (IBL) placement program will complete FIT3045 Industry-based learning (18 points) in place of the industrial experience project (12 points) and the third-year-level BBIS electives (6 points).

Areas of Study

Commerce majors

Business Information Systems majors

Details of Information Technology majors are available at


Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Business Information Systems