PSY6301 - Advanced placement and case analysis (clinical psychology) - 2018

0 points, SCA Band 1, 0.000 EFTSL

Postgraduate - Unit

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Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Organisational Unit

School of Psychological Sciences

Chief examiner(s)

Dr James Courtney


Dr James Courtney

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  • First semester 2018 (On-campus)
  • Second semester 2018 (On-campus)


This unit represents the final phase of training towards clinical practice for students in their roles as provisionally registered psychologists. Placements are arranged via a network of external providers or speciality clinics at the MPC, with due regard given to the longer-term interests of the student. Students will be closely supervised in accordance with regulatory guidelines and should aim to achieve the specified number of direct client hours and practicum hours towards meeting full registration needs.


On completion of this unit, students' skills should be extended to:

  1. Include management of individuals identified with more serious and challenging presenting issues;
  2. The ability to develop and deliver intervention strategies across a range of presentations consistent with current psychological principles and their implementation within service delivery systems;
  3. To have developed an appreciation of the competing demands on service delivery and the range of issues that can impact on clinical practice;
  4. Understand the complexities and challenges associated with the provision of clinical services to a range of client groups, and a concurrent appreciation of the context in which the service is provided;
  5. A robust understanding of the functioning of a multi-disciplinary team, the role of its various members, and the ability to work within this environment.


Clinical OSCE 3 (Hurdle Requirement)

Placement Contract (Hurdle Requirement)

Mid-Placement Review (Hurdle Requirement)

End-placement Review (Hurdle Requirement)

Clinical Logbook (Hurdle Requirement)

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