NUT5005 - Dietetic practice 2 - 2018

12 points, SCA Band 2, 0.250 EFTSL

Postgraduate - Unit

Refer to the specific census and withdrawal dates for the semester(s) in which this unit is offered.


Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Organisational Unit

Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food

Chief examiner(s)

Evelyn Volders


Amanda Anderson

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  • First semester 2018 (On-campus)
  • Second semester 2018 (On-campus)


NUT5001, NUT5003, NUT5004.


Must be enrolled in course M6002.


This unit is predominantly a placement based unit to support students' progression and fulfilment of entry level competencies in individual case management in a healthcare setting. Placement may take place outside of regular semester times. Students must have a valid police check, WWC check and immunisation certificates in order to participate in clinical placements

The key themes explored in this unit are Theme 3: Fundamentals of Health and Disease, Theme 1: Personal Development and Professional Practice and Theme 4: Food from Science to Systems as students' progress and integrate their dietetic practice skills and competencies working in the healthcare environment. There is partial integration of content and application from Theme 2: Determinants and Influences on Population Health and Nutrition.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. Apply specialised knowledge of science, nutrition, diet and disease into assessment, education, and management of clinical cases in a healthcare environment.
  2. Integrate personal, social, clinical, cultural, dietary, economic, environmental, ethical, medical and physiological factors into clinical reasoning and decision making in client centred case management in the healthcare environment.
  3. Achieve entry-level competencies to support individual case management across a range of clients.
  4. Apply an evidence based approach to support clinical case management.
  5. Integrate knowledge of food service systems and processes into case management.
  6. Exhibit excellent oral and written communication skills in all professional interactions with peers, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders in the healthcare and academic environment.
  7. Work effectively as a member of the dietetic and broader healthcare team to demonstrate mastery of dietetic practice.
  8. Practice safely, effectively and professionally.
  9. Reflect critically on practice extending self-awareness, insight and cultural competency.


Each student will be allocated to a healthcare site of a placement partner of Monash University and the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics for a total of 36 placement days. University staff are involved in final placement assessment and signing off of entry level competency for the profession for the relevant units.


Practical competencies (Pass/fail; hurdle) which encompasses

  • Placement portfolio
  • Case studies
  • Evidence of interprofessional learning
  • Critical incident reflection and action plan

Attendance (Ungraded; hurdle)

Professional Behaviour appraisal (Ungraded; hurdle)

Hurdle Requirement: Much of the assessment in this unit provides evidence of achievement towards the Competency Standards for Dietitians in Australia.

Achievement of competence is an accreditation requirement and thus these tasks have been made hurdles

Workload requirements

Students will spend the majority of time for this unit allocated to a healthcare setting (8 Weeks of either 4 or 5 days per week - a total of 36 days). Students will also be expected to attend tutorials and presentations in the academic setting (scheduled around placement commitments) with the remaining time allocated for private study. Students are expected to attend placement for the equivalent of full time hours during their scheduled placement weeks. It is also expected that students undertake private study outside of placement hours. Placements may extend into non standard university semester time.

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