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Units indexed by Area of study: Public health

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Public health

  • MPH5020 Introduction to epidemiology and biostatistics
  • MPH5040 Introductory epidemiology
  • MPH5041 Introductory biostatistics
  • MPH5042 Climate change and public health
  • MPH5202 Clinical epidemiology
  • MPH5203 Environmental influences on health
  • MPH5207 Chronic disease: Epidemiology and prevention
  • MPH5213 Research methods
  • MPH5222 Assessment and control of workplace hazards
  • MPH5231 Research design and project proposal
  • MPH5232 Research conduct, analysis, write-up and submission
  • MPH5236 Clinical trials
  • MPH5237 Clinical measurement
  • MPH5241 Introduction to occupational health and safety
  • MPH5242 Psychosocial work environment
  • MPH5243 Chemical and biological hazards
  • MPH5244 Ergonomic and physical hazards
  • MPH5248 Primary health care and global health
  • MPH5251 Infectious diseases and global health
  • MPH5255 Health and human rights
  • MPH5260 Health policy and prevention in a global world
  • MPH5265 Law for health systems
  • MPH5267 Principles of health care quality improvement
  • MPH5268 Financial issues in health care management
  • MPH5272 Reform and development of health services
  • MPH5273 Case study in health services management
  • MPH5276 Safety management systems
  • MPH5277 Data management and computing
  • MPH5285 Human factors for patient safety
  • MPH5286 Applying and practicing the principles of patient safety and quality improvement
  • MPH5301 Health systems and policy
  • MPH5302 Biostatistics: Concepts and applications
  • MPH5303 Epidemiology of infectious diseases
  • MPH5304 Leading and managing in public health and health care
  • MPH5305 Epidemiology: Concepts and applications
  • MPH5306 Evaluation in public health
  • MPH5307 Introduction to health law principles
  • MPH5308 Developing health systems
  • MPH5309 Occupational health and safety
  • MPH5310 Introduction to environmental health
  • MPH5313 Challenges in public health
  • MPH5314 Epidemiology of chronic disease
  • MPH6040 Introductory epidemiology
  • MPH6041 Introductory biostatistics
  • PBH2107 Public health and ethics short international program