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Units indexed by Area of study: Physics

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Physics

  • ASP1010 Earth to cosmos - introductory astronomy
  • ASP1022 Life and the universe
  • ASP2011 Astronomy
  • ASP2062 Introduction to astrophysics
  • ASP3012 Stars and galaxies
  • ASP3051 Relativity and cosmology
  • ASP3162 Computational astrophysics and the extreme universe
  • ASP3231 Observational astronomy
  • MTE3545 Functional materials and devices
  • MTE3547 Materials characterisation and modelling
  • MTH1030 Techniques for modelling
  • MTH2010 Multivariable calculus
  • MTH2032 Differential equations with modelling
  • PHS1011 Classical physics and relativity
  • PHS1022 Fields and quantum physics
  • PHS1031 Physics for the living world
  • PHS1080 Foundation physics
  • PHS2061 Quantum and thermal physics
  • PHS2062 Electromagnetism and optics
  • PHS2081 Atomic, nuclear and condensed matter physics
  • PHS3031 Foundations of contemporary physics
  • PHS3042 Fundamentals of condensed matter physics
  • PHS3051 Photon physics
  • PHS3062 Fundamental particle physics
  • PHS3131 Theoretical physics
  • PHS3142 Theoretical physics II
  • PHS3350 Physics and astronomy research project 1
  • PHS3360 Physics and astronomy research project 2