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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Literary studies

  • ATS1903 Introducing literature: Ways of reading
  • ATS1904 Reading the city: Literary genres
  • ATS2163 The writing self: Creative nonfiction
  • ATS2164 Italian transformations: Reading and writing self-discovery
  • ATS2379 Fairy tale in Italy
  • ATS2409 Writing lives: Autobiography and historical fiction
  • ATS2422 Romanticism and its literary legacy
  • ATS2427 Earthworks: Literature and environment
  • ATS2442 Print cultures: Books as media
  • ATS2443 On the road: Travel and representation
  • ATS2444 Inscribing Italy: Travels and imaginings
  • ATS2485 Reading the past
  • ATS2492 Shakespeare and Renaissance literature
  • ATS2500 The "Great" American Novel
  • ATS2508 Introduction to poetry writing
  • ATS2513 Short fiction classic and contemporary
  • ATS2516 Adaptation into film
  • ATS2517 Introduction to fiction writing
  • ATS2519 Children's literature: A comparative study
  • ATS2732 Writing the world, the other and the self
  • ATS2898 The Italian city: Historical and literary perspectives
  • ATS2914 The dark hero
  • ATS2915 The roots of fantasy
  • ATS3018 Writing the Nation
  • ATS3040 Cultures of remembrance
  • ATS3076 Contemporary French fiction: Rewriting identity
  • ATS3077 Whatever happened to truth?: French Literature, thought and visual culture
  • ATS3083 Translating across cultures
  • ATS3091 Digital literatures
  • ATS3164 Italian transformations: Reading and writing self-discovery
  • ATS3310 Writing in Australia
  • ATS3312 Foreign bodies: Reading world crime fiction
  • ATS3313 Speculative fiction
  • ATS3379 Fairy tale in Italy
  • ATS3405 Critical theory and poststructuralism: Recent European philosophy
  • ATS3407 Psychoanalytic readings - Freud, Jung, Lacan
  • ATS3410 Narrative
  • ATS3421 Literature and modernism
  • ATS3444 Inscribing Italy: Travels and imaginings
  • ATS3486 Renaissance literature: Power and desire
  • ATS3487 The Shadow of reason: Irrational literature in the eighteenth century
  • ATS3495 Interwar literature
  • ATS3496 Fairy-tale traditions
  • ATS3502 Contemporary literature
  • ATS3503 Writing women
  • ATS3506 Poetry: Text and performance
  • ATS3509 Advanced poetry writing
  • ATS3518 Advanced fiction writing
  • ATS3782 Bodies of work
  • ATS3798 Global Shakespeares
  • ATS3888 Race and class in American Literature
  • ATS3898 The Italian city: Historical and literary perspectives
  • ATS3955 Writing destruction: Literature of war
  • ATS3976 Histoire(s) de rire: The stakes of literary laughter in France
  • ATS4137 Special reading unit 1 (Honours)
  • ATS4230 Arts honours thesis
  • ATS4231 Arts honours thesis A
  • ATS4232 Arts honours thesis B
  • ATS4348 Theme and genre in literary studies
  • ATS4388 Special topic in literary studies
  • ATS4653 Honours workshop