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Units indexed by Area of study: Wound care

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Wound care

  • PGC5001 Evidence based practice
  • PGC5007 Introduction to clinical research
  • PGC5008 Clinical research 2
  • PGC5009 Clinical research 3
  • PGW5101 Biology of wound healing
  • PGW5102 Wound assessment
  • PGW5103 Wound dressings
  • PGW5104 Management of acute wounds
  • PGW5105 Management of chronic wounds
  • PGW5106 Systemic medication and wound healing
  • PGW5108 Nutrition in wound healing
  • PGW5109 Dermatology
  • PGW5111 Alternative therapies
  • PGW5112 Scar management
  • PGW5113 Non-healing ulcers and pain management
  • PGW5116 Diabetic foot
  • PGW5122 Advanced clinical practice in wound care
  • PGW5123 Management of burns
  • PGW5126 Clinical risk management and wound care
  • PGW5127 Practical wound care training and assessment
  • PGW5130 Pressure injury prediction, prevention and management