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Units indexed by Area of study: Religious studies

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Religious studies

  • ATS1040 Religions and the modern world
  • ATS1041 World religions
  • ATS1316 Medieval Europe
  • ATS1317 Renaissance Europe
  • ATS1322 Conflict and coexistence 1: Jews, Christians and Muslims from antiquity through the middle ages
  • ATS1960 Conflict and coexistence 2: Jews, Christians and Muslims in the modern world
  • ATS2185 Biblical texts and contexts
  • ATS2359 Hearing the country: Studies in Indigenous Australian ethnoecology
  • ATS2374 Witchcraft in the modern world
  • ATS2586 Islam: Principles, civilisations, influences
  • ATS2600 The Holocaust
  • ATS2603 The age of crusades: Cultures and societies
  • ATS2610 Ancient religions
  • ATS2629 Religion and spirituality in a globalising world
  • ATS2724 Religion, spirituality and society
  • ATS2860 After the death of God: Continental philosophy of religion from Nietzsche to today
  • ATS2861 God, freedom and evil
  • ATS2872 Topics in Indian philosophy
  • ATS2907 Islamic responses to the post-colonial age
  • ATS2957 Dante's medieval world: Politics, religion and the city
  • ATS3157 Sources of religious violence: Texts and contexts
  • ATS3194 Sacred cities: Jerusalem, Rome, Constantinople
  • ATS3359 Hearing the country: Studies in Indigenous Australian ethnoecology
  • ATS3573 The Renaissance Codes: Art, magic and belief
  • ATS3599 Modern Israel: History, politics and society
  • ATS3608 Myth and meaning in ancient worlds
  • ATS3611 Imagining God: The mystic quest in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • ATS3636 Sacred and profane: Religion, the secular and the state
  • ATS3852 Contemporary issues in social science research
  • ATS3862 Thinking about religion
  • ATS3870 Philosophy of religion
  • ATS3884 Space, time and deity: Themes from Hume and Leibniz
  • ATS3957 Dante's medieval world: Politics, religion and the city
  • ATS4006 Political theology
  • ATS4230 Arts honours thesis
  • ATS4231 Arts honours thesis A
  • ATS4232 Arts honours thesis B
  • ATS4289 Medieval dialogues: Reason, mysticism and society