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Units indexed by Area of study: Physiology

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Physiology

  • BIO1011 Biology I
  • BIO1022 Biology II
  • BIO1042 Environmental biology
  • BMH4100 Biomedicine research project
  • BMH4110 Biomedicine research project part time A
  • BMH4120 Biomedicine research project part time B
  • BMH4200 Advanced studies in biomedicine
  • BMH4210 Advanced studies in biomedicine part time A
  • BMH4220 Advanced studies in biomedicine part time B
  • CHM1011 Chemistry I
  • CHM1022 Chemistry II
  • CHM1051 Chemistry I advanced
  • CHM1052 Chemistry II advanced
  • PHS1011 Classical physics and relativity
  • PHS1022 Fields and quantum physics
  • PHS1080 Foundation physics
  • PHY2011 Neuroscience of sensory and control systems in the body
  • PHY2032 Endocrine control systems
  • PHY2042 Body systems physiology
  • PHY3012 Integrative neuroscience
  • PHY3072 Muscle and exercise
  • PHY3102 Nutrition, metabolism and body weight
  • PHY3111 Sensory and cognitive neuroscience
  • PHY3171 Clinical and experimental cardiovascular physiology
  • PHY3181 Hormones and reproduction
  • PHY3990 Action in physiology research project