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Units indexed by Area of study: Emergency health

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Emergency health

  • BEH1032 Evidence based practice, research and population health in community based emergency health services
  • BEH1041 Human development and health across the lifespan
  • BEH1042 Law, ethics and professionalism
  • BEH1102 Clinical concepts of paramedic practice 2
  • BEH2012 Paramedic management of respiratory conditions
  • BEH2022 Paramedic management of trauma conditions
  • BEH2032 Paramedic clinical practice 1
  • BEH2131 Paramedic management of cardiovascular conditions
  • BEH2141 The paramedic in the community
  • BEH2152 Pharmacotherapy in community-based emergency health
  • BEH2201 Paramedic management of mental health
  • BEH3012 Clinical education, leadership and emergency preparedness
  • BEH3022 Research and contemporary challenges in community based emergency health
  • BEH3030 Integrated clinical practice
  • BEH3032 Paramedic management of critical care specialty situations
  • BEH3121 Paramedic management of toxicological and environmental conditions
  • BEH3161 Paramedic management of maternal and neonatal health
  • BEH4100 Honours literature review
  • BEH4200 Honours research proposal
  • BEH4300 Honours research report
  • EPP1012 Clinical concepts of paramedic practice 1