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  • ANT1800 Introduction to anatomy and medical terminology
  • BIO2800 Tropical field biology
  • BIO2810 Tropical ecology
  • BIO3800 Tropical environmental management
  • BIO3810 Tropical aquatic biology
  • BIO3820 Tropical terrestrial biology
  • BIO4180 Tropical environmental biology research project
  • BIO4280 Honours coursework in tropical environmental biology
  • BTH1802 Fundamentals of biotechnology
  • BTH2820 Crop science
  • BTH3800 Bioinformatics
  • BTH3820 Plant biotechnology
  • BTH4280 Honours coursework in biotechnology
  • ENV1800 Environmental science: A Southeast Asian perspective
  • ENV2757 Environmental health
  • FST1800 Fundamentals of food science
  • FST2810 Food bioprocess technology
  • FST3810 Human nutrition
  • FST3820 Food preservation
  • FST3830 Functional foods
  • FST3840 Food processing
  • FST3850 Food product development
  • FST4100 Food science and technology research project
  • FST4280 Honours coursework in food science and technology
  • HUP3810 Principles of pathology 1
  • IMM3802 Essentials of applied immunology
  • MBS4100 Medical bioscience research project
  • MBS4280 Honours coursework in medical bioscience
  • MON1800 The sustainable planet
  • PHA3801 Principles of pharmacology
  • PHY2810 Physiology of human body systems
  • PHY2820 Physiology of human health