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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Communications and Media Studies

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  • APG4397 Media, technologies and social change
  • APG4398 New communications media
  • APG4400 Issues in international communications
  • APG4401 Media empires and entrepreneurs
  • APG4660 Creativity
  • APG5018 Celebrity, fashion, publicity
  • APG5050 Communication research methods
  • APG5066 Shanghai city lab
  • APG5067 Cultural economy and sustainable development
  • APG5068 Creative cities
  • APG5072 Art worlds
  • APG5363 Cultural arts
  • APG5397 Media, technologies and social change
  • APG5398 New communications media
  • APG5401 Media empires and entrepreneurs
  • APG5660 Creativity
  • APG5662 Cultural and creative industries
  • APG5742 Communications research project
  • APG5752 Field trip in media and communications
  • APG5894 Communications theories and practices
  • APG5900 Cultural economy
  • APR5050 Communication research methods
  • APR6100 Film, Media and Communication Studies: The State of the Fields
  • ATS1278 Communication technologies and practices
  • ATS1279 Media and culture
  • ATS1280 Communications and society
  • ATS2250 Communications and cultures in the global era
  • ATS2436 New media: From the telegraph to Twitter
  • ATS2439 Youth media: Understanding media research
  • ATS2440 The public sphere
  • ATS2446 Australian media histories
  • ATS2815 Crisis and risk communication
  • ATS3114 The camera at war: Photography and the framing of conflict
  • ATS3135 War, media and memory: From the Crimea to the Cold War
  • ATS3437 Communication and creativity
  • ATS3439 Youth media: Understanding media research
  • ATS3445 Communications ethics, policy and law
  • ATS3449 Media texts
  • ATS3732 Communications and media studies: Contemporary debates
  • ATS3763 The second media age
  • ATS3766 Animation cultures
  • ATS3838 Public relations campaigns
  • ATS3917 War and the media: Communication technology and the representation of war
  • ATS3954 Media industry project
  • ATS4723 Current issues in international media and communications