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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Mathematics and statistics

  • ASP2062 Introduction to astrophysics
  • ASP3012 Stars and galaxies
  • ASP3051 Relativity and cosmology
  • ATM2020 Climate dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans
  • ATM2030 Clouds, weather and forecasting
  • ATM3040 Physical meteorology
  • ATM3050 Dynamical meteorology
  • MAT1830 Discrete mathematics for computer science
  • MTH1000 Special topics in mathematics level one
  • MTH1010 Functions and their applications
  • MTH1020 Analysis of change
  • MTH1030 Techniques for modelling
  • MTH1035 Techniques for modelling (advanced)
  • MTH2000 Mathematics research project level 2
  • MTH2010 Multivariable calculus
  • MTH2015 Multivariable calculus (advanced)
  • MTH2021 Linear algebra with applications
  • MTH2025 Linear algebra (advanced)
  • MTH2032 Differential equations with modelling
  • MTH2121 Algebra and number theory
  • MTH2132 The nature and beauty of mathematics
  • MTH2140 Real analysis
  • MTH2222 Mathematics of uncertainty
  • MTH2232 Mathematical statistics
  • MTH3000 Mathematics research project level 3
  • MTH3011 Partial differential equations
  • MTH3020 Complex analysis and integral transforms
  • MTH3051 Introduction to computational mathematics
  • MTH3060 Advanced ordinary differential equations
  • MTH3110 Differential geometry
  • MTH3121 Algebra and number theory
  • MTH3140 Real analysis
  • MTH3150 Algebra and number theory II
  • MTH3160 Functional analysis
  • MTH3230 Time series and random processes in linear systems
  • MTH3241 Random processes in the sciences and engineering
  • MTH3251 Financial mathematics
  • MTH3310 Applied mathematical modelling
  • MTH3360 Fluid dynamics
  • STA1010 Statistical methods for science