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Students who commenced study in 2014 should refer to this area of study entry for direction on the requirments; to check which units are currently available for enrolment, refer to the unit indexes in the the current edition of the Handbook. If you have any queries contact the managing faculty for your area of study.

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This area of study entry applies to students commencing this course in 2014 and should be read in conjunction with the relevant course entry in the Handbook. Any units listed for this area of study relate only to the 'Requirements' outlined in the Faculty of Education component of any bachelors double degrees.

Managing facultyFaculty of Education


  • Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.
  • Students with a recognised degree or equivalent diploma may apply to undertake 4203 Master of Teaching (Primary) or 4201 Master of Teaching (Secondary).


The study of education in the Prep to 10 years of school (P-10) involves:

  • gaining essential understandings relating to learning and teaching as well as child and adolescent development
  • acquiring deep subject, pedagogical and curricular knowledge and effective interpersonal skills
  • covering each of the learning areas of the primary school curriculum
  • developing discipline knowledge in subject specialisms related to the secondary school curriculum
  • applying in-depth academic study through supervised professional experiences in primary and secondary schools
  • becoming qualified to teach in primary schools and secondary schools to Year 10.

In addition, the study of special education involves:

  • preparing for a career as a teacher in special education (special schools and special classes) from Prep to Year 10 and to facilitate inclusion within regular schools
  • gaining knowledge and skills for educating school students with diverse needs and working with their families
  • topics in legislation, policies, assessment and intervention for school students with diverse needs
  • applying in-depth academic study through supervised professional experiences in primary and secondary schools with some opportunities in special education settings
  • becoming qualified as a special education teacher to teach in primary schools and secondary schools to Year 10.


Education major

  • EDF1303 Learning and educational inquiry 1
  • EDF1304 Learning and educational inquiry 2
  • EDF2210 Child and adolescent development
  • EDF2211 Classroom practice
  • EDF3008 Researching educational practices*
  • EDF3210 Education policy and practice
  • EDF3211 Inclusive education: Teaching diverse learners**
  • EDF4006 Professional engagement and leadership
  • EDF4260 Curriculum, assessment and evaluation
  • EDF4264 Practical education and learning**
  • EDF4552 Advanced pedagogy

*EDF3008 is an Education major unit and an optional choice with unit EDF4264 in 3750 Bachelor of Education (P-10) only.

** For students in 3750 Bachelor of Education (P-10) only.

Curriculum major

  • EDF1205 English education 1 (P-10)
  • EDF1206 Mathematics education 1 (P-10)
  • EDF2212 Creative arts education (P-10)
  • EDF2213 English education 2 (P-10)
  • EDF3212 Mathematics education 2 (P-10)
  • EDF3214 Science education (P-10)
  • EDF3215 Health and physical education (P-10)
  • EDF3216 Social education (P-10)
  • EDF4262 History education (P-10)
  • EDF4266 English education 3 (P-10)
  • EDF4267 Mathematics education 3
  • EDF4513 Indigenous and traditional education in a global world

Discipline studies

For a complete list of discipline study requirements refer to undergraduate secondary discipline studiesundergraduate secondary discipline studies (

Discipline study 1

3750 Bachelor of Education (P-10)

Students in this course complete:

  • six units (36 points), with at least 12 points each at levels two and three
4209 Bachelor of Education (Special Education)

Students in this course complete a discipline in special education:

  • EDF1551 Foundations to inclusive education
  • EDF1552 Using assessment to respond to diversity across the school years
  • EDF2551 Understanding behaviour in classrooms and schools
  • EDF2552 Learning and teaching for students with diverse needs in various education settings
  • EDF3008 Researching educational practices*
  • EDF3551 Curriculum in inclusive education
  • EDF3552 Teaching and learning of students with complex needs
  • EDF4551 Collaborative principles, partnerships and procedures

* EDF3008 is a discipline unit in 4209 Bachelor of Education (Special Education) only.

Discipline study 2

Students complete 24 points in a four-unit sequence from either the Faculty of Education or, with the approval of the course coordinator, other faculties such as Arts (English) and Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (Social Welfare).

Fieldwork units

Students complete 20 days of satisfactory fieldwork:

Professional experience units

Students complete 80 days of teaching practice:

  • EDF2101 Professional experience 2A
  • EDF2102 Professional experience 2B
  • EDF3101 Professional experience 3A
  • EDF3102 Professional experience 3B
  • EDF4041 Professional experience 4A
  • EDF4042 Professional experience 4B

Relevant courses

  • 3750 Bachelor of Education (P-10)
  • 4209 Bachelor of Education (Special Education)