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Monash University Handbook 2010

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NOTE: The course details provided in the entries listed on this web page are for those students who commence their studies in 2010 - students who began their studies prior to this should consult the archived Handbook edition for the year in which they started their course. Archived handbooks are available at

Information Management and Systems

  • 2617: Master of Information Management and Systems (Research)

Information Technology

  • 2794: Executive Certificate in Information Technology
  • 3315: Professional Certificate in Information Technology
  • 0539: Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
  • 0366: Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • 2423: Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology
  • 2411: Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • 2402: Master of Information Technology
  • 3349: Master of Information Technology (Honours)
  • 1895: Master of Information Technology (Research)

Information Technology Professional

  • 3348: Master of Information Technology Professional

Information and Knowledge Management

  • 3340: Graduate Diploma in Information and Knowledge Management

Infrastructure Engineering and Management

  • 3264: Graduate Certificate in Infrastructure Engineering and Management
  • 3263: Postgraduate Diploma in Infrastructure Engineering and Management
  • 3262: Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management

Integrated Water Management

  • 4018: Master of Integrated Water Management

Intellectual Property Law

  • 3374: Master of Intellectual Property Law

International Business

  • 2098: Master of International Business
  • 4411: Master of International Business and Master of European and International Studies

International Crisis Management

  • 4051: Master of International Crisis Management

International Development and Environmental Analysis

  • 3754: Graduate Diploma in International Development and Environmental Analysis
  • 3086: Master of International Development and Environmental Analysis
  • 4060: Master of Journalism and Master of International Development and Environmental Analysis

International Health

  • 1884: Graduate Diploma in International Health
  • 3874: Master of International Health

International Relations

  • 3765: Graduate Certificate in International Relations
  • 1400: Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations
  • 3093: Master of International Relations
  • 4063: Master of Journalism and Master of International Relations

International Research Bioethics

  • 3873: Graduate Certificate in International Research Bioethics
  • 3440: Master of International Research Bioethics

International and Comparative Law

  • 3377: Master of International and Comparative Law

Interpreting and Translation Studies

  • 3921: Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies

Interreligious Studies

  • 4021: Graduate Certificate in Interreligious Studies
  • 4022: Graduate Diploma in Interreligious Studies
  • 4023: Master of Interreligious Studies

Islamic Studies

  • 4003: Master of Islamic Studies