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Monash University Handbook 2010 Postgraduate - Course

NOTE: This course has been updated - please refer to the Postgraduate handbook change register for details.

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Arts

Managing facultyArts
Abbreviated titleMInternatRel
CRICOS code048453G
Total credit points required72
Standard duration of study (years)1.5 years FT, 3 years PT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Clayton)
Course coordinator

Dr Andrew Butfoy


The course explores the nature of the international politics and some of the key issues in the field. Individual units deal with a range of topics such as global security, economics and ethics.


Students successfully completing this course should have:

  • a sound knowledge of diverse aspects of the academic field
  • a critical appreciation of the secondary literature in the field of study
  • advanced reading, communication and analytical skills relevant to the field of study.


This course consists of:

(a.) two core units (24 points) and two elective units at level four (24 points)

(b.) 24 points at level five by undertaking one of the following options:

  • two units
  • a unit and a 9000 word research project
  • an 18,000 word research dissertation.

Unless otherwise indicated, all units are 12 points. Note that not all units will be available every year.


Core units

Students complete a minimum of two of:

  • PLM4030 Ethics in world politics
  • PLM4065 Advanced seminar in international political economy
  • PLM4310 Wars of recognition: Terrorism and political violence
  • PLM4440 Global soul
  • PLM4600 Strategic studies


Part-time students should seek advice about selection of units from the course coordinator.

* Entry into PLM5000, PLM5000(A), PLM5000(B) and PLM5620 will be reserved for students who have achieved distinction plus results in the core units.

Alternative exit(s)

Students may apply to exit after successful completion of:

  • 24 points with a Graduate Certificate in International Relations
  • 48 points with a Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations.


Master of International Relations