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Monash University Handbook 2010 Postgraduate - Course

NOTE: This course has been updated - please refer to the Postgraduate handbook change register for details.

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Business and Economics

Managing facultyBusiness and Economics
Abbreviated titleMWER/MBusLaw
CRICOS code065003D
Total credit points required96
Standard duration of study (years)2 years FT, 4 years PT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Caulfield)
Contact details

Monash Graduate School of Business

Telephone: +61 3 9903 1400

Fax: +61 3 9903 1357


Course coordinator

Associate Professor Peter Gahan; Mr Phillip Lipton


The course is designed to develop practitioner skills on a comprehensive analytical and conceptual basis for industrial relations and human resources practitioners and for managers, and to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in business law. The course provides an understanding of and an ability to analyse a wide range of legal problems arising in the practice of business law with a focus upon the workplace within the broader institutional and legal framework.


The Master of Work and Employment Relations and Master of business Law course aims to produce graduates who will:

(a.) be critical and creative scholars who:

  • produce innovative solutions to problems
  • apply research skills to business challenges
  • communicate effectively and perceptively

(b.) be responsible and effective global citizens who:

  • engage in an internationalised world
  • exhibit cross cultural competence
  • demonstrate ethical values

(c.) have a comprehensive understanding of their discipline and be able to provide discipline based solutions relevant to the business, professional and public policy communities we serve

(d.) have advanced knowledge to masters level in work and employment relations and in business law.

Credit for prior studies

Students may be eligible for a maximum of 24 credit points for units considered to be the equivalent of particular units specified within the course requirements.

Maximum credit allowed

24 credit points

Research component

An optional research pathway is available.


The course structure has three main components:

  • a set of core units in workplace and employment relations
  • a set of core units in business law
  • six open electives.


(a.) Students must complete six core units (36 points) as follows:

  • BTX5080 Workplace negotiations
  • BTX9070 Labour relations law
  • MGX5130 Managing diversity and inclusion
  • MGX5620 Pay, participation and performance
  • MGX9850 Human resource management

plus one of:

  • MGX9220 Work and relations
  • MGX5610 Work and employment on global context

(b.) students must complete the following unit (6 points):

  • BTX5140 Law and business decisions

(c.) students must complete the following capstone unit (6 points):

(d.) students must complete two units (12 points) from the units in the streams listed below.

Students are encouraged to select the units from one of the specified streams.

(e.) Students must complete six graduate-level elective units (36 points) subject to the following condition:

  • a maximum of two elective units (12 points) may be taken from other faculties

It is recommended that students consult with the course coordinator to ensure their elective units form a coherent study program.

Specified streams

Corporate law

  • BTX5000 Corporate governance
  • BTX5040 Legal aspects of corporate social responsibility
  • BTX5090 Good governance and accountability in non-profit and social enterprises
  • BTX5100 Corporate environmental responsibility
  • BTX5150 Law of marketing
  • BTX5180 Financial services regulation
  • BTX5541 Corporations law

Workplace law


* Prerequisite unit for taxation units.

General business law


Enrolment in the research units listed below must first be approved by the Master of Business Law degree course director. In order to enrol in these research units, students must show evidence of prior research writing experience and capability to conduct legal research of a high standard. This specialisation provides a pathway to higher research degrees.

  • BTX5900 Research project (12 points)
  • plus two BTX units or BTX5490 Minor thesis (24 points)

Alternative exit(s)

Students wishing to exit the Master of Work and Employment Relations and Master of Business Law early may apply to graduate with one of the following, provided they have satisfied the requirements for that award:

  • Graduate Certificate in Business after successful completion of 24 points of study
  • Graduate Diploma in Business after successful completion of 48 points of study
  • either of the single masters degrees subject to satisfying the requirements of the single degree


Master of Business Law

Master of Work and Employment Relations