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Master of Marketing


Course code: 3810 ~ Course abbreviation: MMktg ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Business and Economics

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Caulfield)

Course description

The course aims to develop an understanding of the theoretical principles upon which the practice of marketing is based. In addition, students should be able to apply these marketing principles in a variety of business, organisational and individual contexts. The focus of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive, intellectually demanding and up-to-date understanding of marketing concepts and applications. The course is designed specifically for students wishing to gain marketing knowledge and skills to further a marketing oriented career.

Course objectives

The learning goals associated with this course are to: describe and assess contemporary marketing thinking and concepts; analyse the influences on decision-making behaviour; develop the ability to plan, implement and control marketing strategy in a variety of organisational settings; formulate appropriate marketing strategies to achieve organisational objectives; acquire specific theoretical knowledge and applied skills in preparation for continued career advancement.

Course structure

Course requirements

(a) Students must complete six core units (36 points) as follows:

  • MKF5200 Assessing marketing performance
  • MKF5270 Strategic marketing
  • MKF9110 Theory and process of buyer behaviour
  • MKF9120 Marketing research
  • MKX9160 Foundations of marketing
  • MKX9261 Integrated marketing communication

(b) students must complete a further six elective units (36 points) subject to the following conditions:

  • a maximum of two elective units (12 points) may be taken from other faculties

Additional degree requirements:

  • students must study a minimum of four 5000-level units.

It is recommended that students consult with the course coordinator to ensure their elective units form a coherent study program.

Exit points

Students can exit early from this degree under the following conditions:

  • completion of four units - Graduate Certificate in Business
  • completion of eight units - Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

Contact details

Department of Marketing: telephone +61 3 9903 2128; email:

Course coordinator

Ms Sandra Luxton