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Monash University

Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)

Course code: 1737 ~ Course abbreviation: GradDipEd(Sec) ~ Total credit points required: 48 ~ 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Education

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton)

Off-campus (Gippsland - P/T only)

Multimode (Gippsland - F/T only)

Course description

This program of studies is designed for graduates who wish to become secondary school teachers. The course combines academic studies of the foundations of education with curriculum specialism teaching units appropriate to the student's first degree.

Course objectives

In the process of studying this Graduate Diploma of Education students will engage in a range of teaching and learning approaches, in university and fieldwork settings. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to apply for registration in Victoria as a secondary school teacher.

Special requirements

Non-compulsory weekend schools may be offered in some units for off-campus students.

Course structure

The course comprises 48 points of study. Students are required to successfully complete eight units, comprising:

  • four core education units
  • two core curriculum units (or 1 core curriculum unit and 1 curriculum elective unit)
  • two curriculum specialism units.

Course requirements

Full-time course structure

Core education units
Curriculum units
Core curriculum units
  • EDF4110 Arts education
  • EDF4111 Business education
  • EDF4112 English language and literacy education
  • EDF4113 General science education
  • EDF4114 Health, outdoor and physical education
  • EDF4115 ICT / New media
  • EDF4116 Mathematics and numeracy education
  • EDF4117 Second language pedagogy
  • EDF4118 Social and environmental education
  • EDF4119 The world of Jewish education
Elective curriculum units
  • EDF4510 Connecting curriculum
  • EDF4511 ESL in content areas
  • EDF4512 Gifted education
  • EDF4513 Indigenous and traditional education in a global world
  • EDF4514 Vocational and workplace learning
Curriculum specialism units
Supervised teaching practice

The supervised teaching practice component of the course is conducted in blocks. The full-time course consists of the following units:

First semester
  • EDF4004 Assessing learning
  • EDF4005 Productive classrooms
  • EDF41xx core curriculum unit
  • EDF41xx core curriculum unit or EDF45xx curriculum elective unit
Second semester
  • EDF4006 Professional engagement
  • EDF4007 Schooling and diversity
  • EDF44xx curriculum specialism 1
  • EDF44xx curriculum specialism 2

Some full-time on-campus students may be required to attend sessions at a residential camp before the first teaching round.

Part-time course structure

Year 1
First semester
  • EDF4005 Productive classrooms (core education unit)
  • EDF41xx core curriculum unit
Second semester
  • EDF4007 Schooling and diversity (core education unit)
  • EDF44xx Curriculum specialism unit 1
Year 2
First semester
  • EDF4004 Assessing learning (core education unit)
  • EDF41xx core curriculum unit, or EDF45xx one curriculum elective unit
Second semester
  • EDF4006 Professional engagement (core education unit)
  • EDF44xx curriculum specialism 2

Curriculum specialism units

Each student must choose two curriculum specialism units. Students are advised to consult the list of curriculum specialism units above, together with the outlines for each unit and their prerequisites. This information should then be used to choose two sets of curriculum specialism units.

With permission from the course advisers, students may undertake study in curriculum specialism units in multimode (ie a combination of on-campus and off-campus units).

Please note the following:

(i) some curriculum specialism units may only be available in off-campus mode every second year

(ii) the availability of any of the curriculum specialism units from year to year is dependent on the faculty's ability to provide appropriate tutorial assistance, supervision and teaching practice facilities.

Students in doubt about the suitability of their qualifications for employment should check with the Registration and Accreditation unit of the Victorian Institute of Teaching (telephone +61 3 8601 5800) GPO Box 531, Collins St West, Melbourne, Victoria 8007, Australia.

Fieldwork placements

The course includes a total of 50 days of school placements. Students must be available to undertake their school placements on a full-time basis. Students who are employed in schools must complete at least 25 days of supervised school placement in a setting other than the school at which they are employed.

Professional recognition

Graduates are eligible for employment as secondary school teachers in the government, Catholic and independent school systems in Victoria. For interstate and overseas positions, applicants are advised to check with local authorities.

Contact details

Telephone +61 3 9905 2819 (Clayton) or +61 3 9902 6367 (Gippsland), or visit

Course advisers

Ms Jennifer Brown (Clayton), Dr Ann Ryan (Gippsland)