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Units indexed by Name: U

  • CSE3208 UNIX programming
  • CSE2208 UNIX programming
  • CSE4151 UNIX software design and development
  • CSE3001 UNIX system call programming
  • GCO3813 UNIX systems programming
  • CSE3391 UNIX tools
  • CSE2391 UNIX tools
  • UKR1010 Ukrainian Studies 1
  • UKR1020 Ukrainian Studies 2
  • UKR2070 Ukrainian Studies 7
  • UKR2080 Ukrainian Studies 8
  • SON5000 Ultrasound research
  • CHM3922 Understanding Chemical Reactions
  • JPS1090 Understanding Contemporary Japan
  • CJC1001 Understanding Crime
  • ANY1010 Understanding Cultural Difference: An Introduction to Anthropology
  • BHS1711 Understanding Human Behaviour
  • GSC1711 Understanding Human Behaviour
  • ANY2160 Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination
  • PRF4030 Understanding Teams and Organisations
  • DFS1611 Understanding University Learning
  • GSC1611 Understanding University Learning
  • PRF4050 Understanding Work and Change
  • MHT0001 Understanding mental development - Child to adolescent
  • TAD4791 Understanding multimedia G
  • GEG8124 Understanding reliability
  • GEG7124 Understanding reliability
  • CHE5162 Unit operations of paper making
  • GSC3512 United States Politics: Media and Power
  • HPL2502 United States Politics: Media and Power
  • HPL3502 United States Politics: Media and Power
  • GSC2502 United States Politics: Media and Power
  • CPE2008 Unix for networked systems and devices
  • CIV3264 Urban water and wastewater systems
  • CSE5930 User interface design and programming
  • EDF4016 Using Digital Technologies in Literacy Education
  • LAW7214 Utility regulation: law and policy

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