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Physics for Communications and Measurement (6 points)


Leader: Associate Professor Peter Wells

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: (1) Electromagnetism; development of Maxwell's equations (Gauss', Amperes and Faraday's laws) as differential and integral equations; displacement current; free space propagation, dipole radiation; introduction to antennas; electromagnetic phenomena. (2) Optics: geometrical optics of thin and thick lens; polarisation and birefringent media; optical materials, dispersion; refractive waveguides, optical fibres, interferometry; diffraction grating. (3) AC theory and analog electronics: complex impedance and phasor notation; series and parallel resonant circuits; Q factor and bandwidth; AC bridge circuits; transistors; small signal amplifiers; operational amplifiers; AM/FM modulation techniques.

Assessment: Examinations (3 x 1.5 hours): 66% + Practical work: 34%

Contact Hours: Three 1-hour lecture/problem classes and one 3-hour laboratory class per week

Prerequisites: PHS1011, PHS1022, MTH1030 and MTH2010

Prohibitions: PHS2602, PHS2042

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