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Physics (6 points)


Leader: Dr David Mills

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: Mechanics: Rotational dynamics and gravitational fields. Electrostatics: electric field and potential for various situations, capacitors and dielectrics. Electronics: diodes and amplifiers, capacitor and resonant circuits. Magnetism: the relation between currents, magnetic fields and induced emfs, inductance, introduction to Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves. Quantum physics: wave particle duality for matter and light, quantisation, wave-functions and probabilities, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, hydrogen atom, particle-in-a-box model.

Assessment: Examinations (2.5 + 2 hours): 63% + Laboratory work: 25% + Tests: 12%

Contact Hours: Three 1-hour lectures and one 3-hour laboratory class per week

Prerequisites: PHS1011 or Year 12 Physics with VCE Specialist Mathematics or MTH1020

Corequisites: recommended MTH1020 or MTH1030

Prohibitions: PHS1042

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