Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - 2019

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Commencement year

This course entry applies to students commencing this course in 2019 and should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Arts.

Other commencement years for this course: 2018, 2017 and 2016

Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.

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Associate Professor Kirsten McLean

Contact details

Australia: Tel: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274) or visit the Arts undergraduate programsundergraduate programs ( website

Malaysia: Tel: +603-5514-6000 or visit the Malaysia websiteMalaysia website (

Admission and fees


Course type

One-year honours

Standard duration

1 year FT, 2 years PT

You have a maximum of 2 years to complete this course including any periods of intermission and suspension, and must be continuously enrolled throughout.

Mode and location

On-campus (Caulfield, Clayton, Malaysia)


Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


This is a prestigious program of coursework and research in arts, humanities and social sciences for high achieving students who have completed a relevant undergraduate degree. You will undertake research methodology training and carry out an independent research project in your selected discipline, working closely with a supervisor who will provide you with individual guidance and academic counselling. The course offers a pathway to higher degree research in arts, humanities and social sciences and graduates are also eligible for up to one year credit toward a related Masters by coursework degree in the Faculty.

Completing honours demonstrates your advanced research, analytical and communication skills enhancing employability outcomes.

Combined honours

Honours studies may be taken as single honours (a single discipline over one year of full-time study), or combined honours (two disciplines over one year of full-time study).

Combined honours may be undertaken provided that all honours requirements have been met in both disciplines. Application to undertake combined honours must be made with the support of the school honours coordinators of both disciplines. Combined honours normally take the form of a joint dissertation (50 per cent in each discipline) alongside coursework chosen from the two component disciplines.


Refer to the 'Requirements' below for the list of specialisations available.


These course outcomes are aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework level 8, the Bologna Cycle 1 and Monash Graduate AttributesAustralian Qualifications Framework level 8, the Bologna Cycle 1 and Monash Graduate Attributes (

Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that you will be able to demonstrate:

  1. the ability to critically review the scholarly literature in your specialist area of study
  2. understanding of the processes involved in the design, development and implementation of a relevant research project
  3. communication skills in both oral and written presentations to both a specialist and a non-specialist audience, including the ability to write and present original work in a potentially publishable way
  4. the potential to pursue higher studies and learning in your area of study
  5. insight into the breadth and diversity of your discipline and its place within the broader scope of the arts and social sciences.


This course involves a fourth year of study in one of the disciplines listed below. This course consists of a combination of coursework and research. In the coursework component you will develop advanced theoretical and/or technical knowledge of your discipline within the arts, humanities and social sciences and appropriate research methodologies. In the research component you will plan and execute a research project under the individual guidance of an academic supervisor.


Progression to further studies

Successful completion of this course may provide a pathway to a Monash master's by coursework degree, and if admitted you may be eligible for credit.

Successful completion of this course may also provide a pathway to a higher degree by research.