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Japanese studies

Department of Japanese Studies

Head: Professor Ross Mouer

Graduate coordinator: Yoko Pinkerton

The Department of Japanese Studies offers a variety of postgraduate programs leading to the Graduate Diploma of Arts, MA and PhD in Japanese studies and in applied Japanese linguistics, to the graduate diploma and MA in Japanese business interpreting and translation, and to the Graduate Diploma (Japanese language).

There is a strong Japanese language component in the Graduate Diploma of Arts and MA(Asian Studies) which is offered through the Monash Asia Institute. Japanese language may also be taken as part of the Graduate Diploma of Arts (Tourism) (which is offered by the National Centre for Australian Studies) and the Master of Business Administration which is offered by Monash Mt. Eliza Business School.

Study of the Japanese language can commence both at the beginner's and intermediate levels (known as Japanese A, B and C) and at the more advanced levels (known as Japanese D and E). Japanese A, B and C are also available in an off-campus mode.

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