Monash Access Program - 2019

Undergraduate - Course

Commencement year

This course entry applies to students commencing this course in 2019 and should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Education.

Other commencement years for this course: 2018 and 2017

Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.

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Admission and fees


Course progression map

D0001 (pdf)

Course type

Enabling course

Standard duration

0.5 years FT, 1 year PT

You have a maximum of 2 years to complete this course.

Mode and location

Multi-modal (Clayton)


The Monash Access Program offers an alternative entry pathway for mature age students who do not meet standard admission requirements and are motivated to learn and have a desire to study at university level.

The Monash Access Program will prepare you for academic study at the university level by introducing you to the foundational skills and knowledge required for entry into a bachelor-level course. In the Monash Access Program you will examine the context of university learning and develop skills in academic writing and entry-level mathematics. You will also have the opportunity to select a level one university unit in an area of interest from one of the recognised destination degree courses.

Monash Access Program classes are delivered in a supported environment from May until November at Monash University's Clayton campus. You will have full access to all facilities including library resources and student services.


These learning outcomes are equivalent to the University entrance and admission requirements for the designated destination courses.

Upon successful completion of this program it is expected that you will be able to:

  1. achieve success in their studies and proceed to a Monash undergraduate degree
  2. attain an understanding of the requirements and expectations of university study at a degree level
  3. demonstrate confidence in their intellectual abilities and have an appreciation for study and scholarship
  4. demonstrate they are proficient tertiary learners through the explicit development of cognitive, analytical, problem-solving, oral and writing skills.


This program consists of three foundation knowledge units and one specialist discipline knowledge unit.

Part A. Foundation knowledge

The foundation knowledge units will prepare you for academic study at university level by introducing you to foundational skills and knowledge. In these units you will examine the context of university learning and develop skills in academic writing and entry-level mathematics.

Part B. Specialist discipline knowledge

The specialist discipline knowledge unit will give you the opportunity to select a unit (usually a level one unit) from one of the recognised destination degree courses including arts, business administration, education and information technology. You can select from a pre-approved list of units or choose a unit in consultation with the course leader.


You must complete 24 credit points comprising 18 points of foundation knowledge studies and 6 points of specialist discipline knowledge studies.

The course progression mapcourse progression map ( provides guidance on unit enrolment for each semester of study.

Units are 6 credit points unless otherwise stated.

Part A. Foundation knowledge (18 points)

You must complete:

  • EDF1010 Learning in a university context
  • EDF1012 Mathematics for tertiary study
  • EDF1013 Academic writing

Part B. Specialist discipline knowledge (6 points)

You must complete one of the following units:*


Business administration


  • EDF1304 Understanding teaching for learning

Information technology

  • FIT1051 Programming fundamentals in java

* You may complete an alternative level one unit provided the unit does not have a prerequisite and the course leader approves of the unit selection and, on your behalf, gains agreement from the faculty that owns the unit.

Course costs

The Monash Access Program is offered on a subsidised basis for eligible students. There are no tuition fees for the program, however, you will need to pay for other items including books, stationery and travel.

Progression to further studies

Upon successful completion of this program, you may be eligible for direct admission into one of the following destination degree courses provided that you meet the guaranteed entry score for that course and any additional entry requirements including prerequisites:

  • A2000 Bachelor of Arts
  • B2007 Bachelor of Business Administration
  • D3001 Bachelor of Education (Honours)
  • C2000 Bachelor of Information Technology