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Commencement year

Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.

Managing faculty

Faculty of Education



This specialisation will prepare you to teach children and adolescents from five to 18 years of age in primary and secondary schools from Foundation to Year 12.

You will develop a knowledge and understanding of learning as a developmental continuum and will learn to employ a diverse pedagogical toolbox to meet the differentiated learning needs of students across the learning spectrum. You will actively engage with contemporary theories, concepts and practices of primary and secondary education, developing inclusive teaching and learning practices to meet a diversity of cognitive, social and emotional needs and building a repertoire of strategies to manage children's and adolescents' learning in classroom settings.

All the key elements of the primary curriculum including English and literacies, mathematics, geography, history, civics and citizenship, science, health and physical education, and the creative arts will be included. In addition, you will develop specialist expertise in curriculum and pedagogy up to VCE-equivalent level in one secondary subject area such as English, mathematics, the sciences, geography, history, social education, languages, the arts, business, or health and physical education.


Units are 6 credit points unless otherwise stated.

Part A. Orientation studies (24 points)

Students complete:

  • EDF4120 Learning at the heart of teaching
  • EDF4121 Teaching: The power to change
  • EDF4122 Teaching partnerships: Working with families and communities
  • EDF4123 Literacy across the years

Part B. Specialist education studies and Part C. Professional practice (72 points)

The professional experience units below require 60 days of professional experience, in four blocks of 15 days, completed in primary and secondary school settings.

For specialist studies (66 points) students complete:

  • EDF5016 Inclusive teaching
  • EDF5017 Numeracy for learners and teachers
  • EDF5018 Curriculum, assessment and reporting
  • EDF5030 Science education in the primary years
  • EDF5031 Literacy and English education in the primary years
  • EDF5032 Numeracy and mathematics education in the primary years
  • EDF5033 Humanities and social sciences education in the primary years
  • EDF5036 Arts, design and health education in the primary years
  • EDF5040 Lifelong and workplace learning
  • Secondary method 1A*
  • Secondary method 1B*

* Completed in the teaching specialism for which the student has been approved. Refer to the full list of available secondary method units.

For professional studies (6 points) students complete:

  • EDF5019 Teacher as professional leader
  • EDF5933 Primary professional experience 3 (0 points) or EDF5943 Secondary professional experience 3 (0 points)**
  • EDF5934 Primary professional experience 4 (0 points)
  • EDF5941 Secondary professional experience 1 (0 points)
  • EDF5942 Secondary professional experience 2 (0 points)

** Students who need to meet AITSL skilled migration requirements for secondary teachers must complete EDF5943 (secondary). All other students must complete EDF5933 (primary).

Secondary method units

Students select secondary teaching method units in the specialist teaching area for which they have been approved. Refer to the full list of available secondary method unitssecondary method units (http://www.education.monash.edu.au/units/secondary-specialisms.html).


60 days of professional experienceprofessional experience (http://monash.edu/education/current-students/professional-experience/placements/) completed in primary and secondary school settings.

Professional recognition

This specialisation is accredited by professional bodies. Refer to Professional recognitionProfessional recognition (http://www.monash.edu.au/pubs/2019handbooks/postgrad/edu-06.html) for information.

Relevant courses

D6001 Master of Teaching