D4007 - Graduate Certificate of Principal Preparation (Victoria) - 2017

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Managing faculty


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Course progression map

D4007 (pdf)

Course type

Graduate certificate

Standard duration

1 year PT

Students have a minimum of 0.5 years and a maximum of 3 years to complete this course including any periods of intermission and suspension, and must be continuously enrolled throughout.

Mode and location

On-campus (Clayton)

Classes are delivered at the Bastow Institute, North Melbourne.


Graduate Certificate of Principal Preparation (Victoria)


  • This course is available to approved cohorts only.


This course equips aspiring school principals with the professional knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to become effective school leaders. It is targeted at high-potential leaders within Victorian government schools who are on the cusp of applying for their first principal position. The course is guided by the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the Victorian Government's Framework for Improving Student Outcomes.

Through the course, participants develop and demonstrate excellence in leading teaching and learning and in high-level capacity to build positive climates and community engagement in learning. The course facilitates the aspiring school leader's development of self, with and through others; builds school leaders to lead learning by creating a student-centred learning environment; and optimises a school leader's engagement with research and enquiry to lead school improvement through innovation and change.


These course outcomes are aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework level 8 and Monash Graduate AttributesAustralian Qualifications Framework level 8 and Monash Graduate Attributes (http://www.monash.edu.au/pubs/handbooks/alignmentofoutcomes.html), the Australian Professional Standard for PrincipalsAustralian Professional Standard for Principals (http://www.aitsl.edu.au/australian-professional-standard-for-principals) and the Victorian Government's Framework for Improving Student OutcomesVictorian Government's Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/educationstate/Pages/outcomes.aspx).

Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. develop and reflect on their personal leadership, recognise empathy, resilience and wellbeing as components of effective leadership and demonstrate openness to their ongoing professional learning
  2. use deep knowledge of teaching and learning to initiate, support and evaluate strategies for pedagogical change and school improvement
  3. lead the development and communication of a compelling vision and strategic plan that motivates others
  4. initiate improvement through innovation and change, and lead the development of an adult learning, collaborative and accountable culture within a school
  5. build and maintain relational trust with staff, parents and students in order to strengthen teaching and learning
  6. analyse, appraise and synthesise data and evidence from varied sources
  7. implement strategic resource management to drive improved performance and productivity in school settings
  8. recognise the need to engage the wider community, education systems and sectors in fostering student-centred learning.


This course consists of coursework and a leadership project.


Student complete:

  • EDF5307 Leading schools 1 (6 points)*
  • EDF5308 Leading schools 2 (12 points)
  • EDF5309 Education leadership project (6 points)

The course progression mapcourse progression map (http://www.monash.edu.au/pubs/2017handbooks/maps/map-d4007.pdf) will assist you to plan to meet the course requirements, and guidance on unit enrolment for each semester of study.

* Approved cohorts receive credit for this unit.

Progression to further studies

Graduates of this graduate certificate may be eligible for credit in master's courses offered in the faculty including:

  • D6003 Master of Counselling
  • D6002 Master of Education (coursework)
  • D6004 Master of Leadership
  • D6005 Master of TESOL