How to use the Handbook

The Handbook is an annual publication.

All the requirements of your course are listed in the Handbook.

This includes:

  • the code and title of the units that make up your course
  • where they apply, units needed in an area of study (e.g. major/minor/specialisation)
  • any other special requirements or conditions you have to meet.

You must meet the requirements of your course:

  • as detailed in the Handbook edition for the year in which you started your course*
  • to be able to receive your award and graduate.

* Check with the managing faculty for your course if you are uncertain which edition applies to you.

There is an online archive of previous Handbook editions from 1995 to current, and hard copies in the Library up to 2008. You can search the library to see if there are any copies on your campus.

For example: The course and areas of study details provided in this current edition of the Handbook are for those students who commence their course in 2017, while a student who began their studies in 2013 should go to the archived 2013 Handbook edition for the details of the units they are required to do, and rules of the course that applied to them.

Once you have looked at your course entry in the correct Handbook and know what units you either must do, or if there are any electives you can choose, all students must then refer to the current edition of the Handbook for available units taught in the current year and details of the semesters and campuses at which they are being offered. The current edition:

  • shows all the units which are available for enrolment in 2017
  • has indexes and a unit browse tool* to help you choose electives.

To find units available for enrolment in 2017, you must make sure you use the indexes and tools in the current edition.

* Note: When using the browse units tool to search for off-campus/distance education units, it is advisable to select all of the modes listed related to this mode of study to ensure the maximum list of units is returned.

Not all the units in your course requirements may be available every year - you may need to plan ahead to be able to enrol in a particular unit in the future - but when using the browse tool you can filter out those units not available in the current year.

Remember to pay attention to prerequisites, corequisites and prohibitions listed in the unit entry (you cannot do a unit if you haven't already done its prerequisite, or are not enrolled in a corequisite unit at the same time, or have ever done a prohibited unit for the unit you want to enrol in).

Remember: It is the student's responsibility to make sure you are enrolled in the correct unit.

Most students can enrol in units using the Web Enrolment System. Contact the managing faculty of your course for course advice or if you require assistance with your enrolment.