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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Human Geography

All Organisational Units

  • APG4553 Field studies in regional sustainability
  • APG4554 Resource evaluation and management
  • APG4556 Urbanisation and regional development in the Indo-Pacific rims
  • APG5229 Prosperity, poverty and sustainability in a globalised world
  • APG5230 Ecosystems and environmental management
  • APG5372 Community development in a globalising world
  • APG5425 Perspectives on environment and sustainability
  • APG5426 Environmental analysis
  • APG5428 Environmental governance and citizenship
  • APG5433 Corporate sustainability management
  • APG5434 Sustainability measurement
  • APG5627 Research in political ecology
  • APG5628 Doctrines of development
  • APG5804 Environmental revolutions
  • APG5805 Project planning and management in international development
  • ATS1309 The Global challenge
  • ATS1310 Extreme earth! Natural hazards and human vulnerability
  • ATS2547 Cities and sustainability
  • ATS2548 Environmental policy and management
  • ATS2628 Power and poverty: International development in a globalised world
  • ATS2778 Public spaces and city life
  • ATS2780 Geographical analysis
  • ATS3546 Environmental assessment and decision making
  • ATS3553 Field studies in regional sustainability
  • ATS3554 Resource evaluation and management