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Units indexed by Area of study: Software development

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Software development

  • FIT1050 Web fundamentals
  • FIT1051 Programming foundations
  • FIT2001 Systems development
  • FIT2081 Mobile application development
  • FIT2095 e-Business software technologies
  • FIT2101 Software engineering process and management
  • FIT2104 Web database interface
  • FIT2107 Software quality and testing
  • FIT3077 Software engineering: architecture and design
  • FIT3146 Emergent technologies and interfaces
  • FIT3157 Advanced web design
  • FIT3173 Software security
  • FIT3175 Usability
  • FIT3176 Advanced database design
  • FIT3178 Advanced mobile applications