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Students who commenced study in 2016 should refer to this area of study entry for direction on the requirments; to check which units are currently available for enrolment, refer to the unit indexes in the the current edition of the Handbook. If you have any queries contact the managing faculty for your area of study.

Monash University


Commencement year

This area of study entry applies to students commencing this course in 2016 and should be read in conjunction with the relevant course entry in the Handbook.

Any units listed for this area of study relate only to the 'Requirements' outlined in the Faculty of Law component of any bachelors double degrees.

Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.

Managing faculty

Faculty of Law


Faculty of Law




Summer 2015/2016

First Semester


  • LAW4160 Negotiation and conflict resolution

Second Semester

  • LAW3111 Equity
  • LAW3112 Corporations law
  • LAW4104 Australian banking law
  • LAW4112 Advanced constitutional law
  • LAW4122 International law
  • LAW4129 Law and discrimination
  • LAW4132 Law of employment
  • LAW4151 Law, gender and feminism
  • LAW4158 Indigenous peoples and the law
  • LAW4160 Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • LAW4163 Parents children and the state
  • LAW4164 International refugee law and practice
  • LAW4170 Trusts
  • LAW4173 Research unit A
  • LAW4174 Research unit B
  • LAW4193 Biotechnology and the law
  • LAW4214 Supervised research paper
  • LAW4225 Non adversarial justice
  • LAW4227 Criminal investigation law and procedure
  • LAW4244 Construction law (dispute resolution)
  • LAW4250 The global lawyer
  • LAW4251 Advanced copyright: Global law and policy
  • LAW4252 Chinese legal institutions and law
  • LAW4303 Civil procedure
  • LAW4304 Elements of forensic medicine
  • LAW4307 Pirates, terrorists and people smugglers (international law of the sea II)
  • LAW4309 Lawyers ethics and society
  • LAW4312 Legal issues in medicine
  • LAW4322 Advanced taxation law
  • LAW4328 Professional practice
  • LAW4330 Family law assistance program - professional practice
  • LAW4331 Administrative law
  • LAW4323 Evidence
  • LAW4339 Personal insolvency law
  • LAW4340 Sport and the law
  • LAW4342 Patents, trade marks and unfair competition
  • LAW4537 Public policy, regulation and the law
  • LAW4538 Lawyers, literature and cinema
  • LAW4702 Competition and consumer law
  • LAW4704 Taxation law
  • LAW4805 Mooting and advocacy competition
  • LAW4808 Law review editorship 1
  • LAW4809 Law review editorship 2

Full Year

Relevant courses

Students complete law electives in:

  • L3001 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

and in the law component of the following double degrees:

  • L3008 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours)
  • L3003 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts
  • L3004 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • L3005 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce
  • L3002 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
  • L3006 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Music
  • L3007 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Science