index-byteaching period-winter semester

Monash University

Units indexed by Teaching period: Winter semester

  • ATS1229 Intensive introductory Italian 1 (in country)
  • ATS2229 Intensive introductory Italian 1 (in country)
  • ATS2394 Australia and Asia
  • ATS3129 Arts internship
  • ATS3130 Arts international internship
  • ATS3394 Australia and Asia
  • BEX2622 Issues in global business
  • BEX3006 Industry based learning project
  • BEX3106 Industry based learning project
  • BEX3350 Investigative project in business
  • BEX5001 Industry and community project
  • BEX5012 Industry based learning project
  • BTF5888 Chinese taxation law
  • BTW2320 Current issues in corporate governance
  • FIT2105 Creative computing: understanding art, science and technology
  • LAW4160 Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • MGS5000 Introductory management research methods
  • MGX3100 Management ethics and corporate governance
  • PGW5127 Practical wound care training and assessment