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Monash University

Units indexed by Teaching period: Monash Online

  • ACF5268 Accounting for healthcare managers
  • ECC5979 Health economics
  • FIT5145 Introduction to data science
  • FIT5197 Modelling for data analysis
  • MPH5304 Leading and managing in public health and health care
  • MPH5305 Epidemiology: Concepts and applications
  • MPH5306 Evaluation in public health
  • MPH5307 Introduction to health law priniciples
  • MPH5310 Introduction to environmental health
  • MPH5311 Safety and quality in health care
  • MPH5313 Challenges in public health
  • PSY4032 Abnormal psychology
  • PSY4041 Psychological testing and ethics
  • PSY4051 Research design and analysis
  • PSY4062 Research methods and theory
  • PSY4081 Perception and cognition
  • PSY4111 Psychology 1A
  • PSY4122 Psychology 1B
  • PSY4131 Developmental and biological psychology
  • PSY4140 Introduction to counselling
  • PSY4151 Personality and social psychology
  • PSY4170 Neuroscience of cognition and behaviour