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  • AZA1285 Child and youth development in South Africa: A person-in-environment perspective
  • AZA1286 Child and youth development: A five-level developmental model
  • AZA2762 Health and safety guidelines for children and youth
  • AZA2763 Child and youth assessment: Risk and protective factors, signs and symptoms
  • AZA2764 Building support networks for children and families
  • AZA2765 Child and youth interventions: Individual, group and community interventions
  • AZA3769 Family functioning and child abuse: The child and youth care worker's role
  • AZA3770 Intermediary services in courts: Protecting the rights of the child and youth victim
  • AZA3771 Management of community projects: Working preventatively with children, youth and families
  • AZA3772 Field placements in child and youth care settings
  • AZA4310 Child and youth care policy and leadership: Advocating for the rights of children and youth
  • AZA4450 Researching for social sciences and humanities
  • AZA4778 Social science honours dissertation A
  • AZA4779 Social science honours dissertation B