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Units indexed by Area of study: Biotechnology

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  • BTH1802 Fundamentals of biotechnology
  • BTH2732 Recombinant DNA technology
  • BTH2741 Biochemistry
  • BTH2752 Cellular metabolism
  • BTH3711 Food and industrial microbiology
  • BTH3752 Molecular biology and biotechnology
  • BTH3820 Plant biotechnology
  • CHM1052 Chemistry II advanced
  • CHM2922 Spectroscopy and analytical chemistry
  • GEN2041 Foundations of genetics
  • GEN3040 Genomics and its applications
  • GEN3051 Medical and forensic genetics
  • MIC2011 Introduction to microbiology and microbial biotechnology
  • SCI3716 Laboratory and workplace management
  • SCI3990 Science in action research project